Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Poundland Christmas challenge

Christmas is just 3 weeks away! 

This year Poundland believe it is the “Best Christmas Ever” with unbelievable value a massive range and something for everyone. 
Poundland think shopping with them is the perfect way to save money this Christmas. As people are a bit more cash conscious with bills spiralling and the cost of living rising, small savings can help a big deal. 
We want to prove that with just £20 you can get quality, value and choice.  
Our Ambassador Challenge......
Choose at least two items from each category:
·        Christmas Wrapping and Accessories
·        Christmas Gifts (adults)
·        Christmas Stocking Fillers (kids)
(hidden from the kids) 
·        Christmas Party (Ladies Beauty/Clothing)
·        Christmas Tree Decorations
·        Christmas General Decorations
·        Christmas Table Decorations
         Christmas Sweets
3 boxes of After 8 mints for £2.00! 
·        Home wares – (turkey foil, roasting tin, tea towels – practical items used for Christmas)

I love these projects and went with my list and was determined to stick to my £20 budget! Surely im not the only one that can go in to a Poundland and spend a fortune!