Wednesday 13 July 2011

Dessert table and Candy bar!

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with a gorgeous group of ladies that I met over the, isnt it funny how we warn the kids to be careful and never arrange to meet anyone youve only talked to over the internet... dont look at me like that!! lol

Anyways, we have been meeting up once a year for around 4 years now and usually someone else organises it but after a mixup I stepped in and took over the planning. This is the kind of event where we take everything but the kitchen sink and we scrapbook......we make cards, scrap, drink, talk and generally dont sleep all weekend. All of these lovely ladies have some kind of issues to deal with throughout their lives, whether it be raising difficult children, dealing with *cough* menfolk, health issues etc - none complain, we all smile and realise our lives are so much better than they could be, we are strong and we are women who get on with things!

This is where my thoughts took me when I planned a little surprise for the ladies - a dessert table first of all!I had so much fun making the pompoms and plan to use them an awful lot - i have so many different colour packs of tissue paper that I cant wait to make some more for my next party!
(please excuse the background and colouring - its a conference hall so i couldnt attach anything to the wall as backdrop so ended up with horrible orange wooden glare over everything!)

The centre piece on the table was a 4 tier chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry cake (dont even ask about the cake - its a bone of contention between the girls as it had been standing for 2 days and i hadnt cut it, because no one else had either i thought no one wanted it so took the photos and *whispers* binned it! LOL The outcry from the girls was hilarious as they were all waiting for me to cut it to try some - even if it was just the middle that was still soft at that stage - sorry girls!) lol.

Dark chocolate cakepops with white chocolate coating and edible pearlescent decoration, oreo sunken cupcakes which were topped with cream cheese frosting, I made the paper rosettes with the Tim Holtz die and had some Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake badges made for each of the girls. toffee and chocolate and amaretti biscuit coated cupcakes. Lemonade with fresh slices of orange and lemon from a gorgeous glass dispenser - which became the star of the weekend :) I covered the water bottles in pretty paper and made little caps for them as the purple tops didnt match the table! (yes im a little ocd at times) Then i made cute little chinese takeaway boxes decorated with pretty paper and handmade pinwheels. These were filled with a lottery ticket, fortune cookie, chocolate lipbalm and a little glass vial which i put nature rub ons onto, these contained a little scroll saying how strong, beautiful, important etc each of the ladies are.The candy table was a huge success as it was filled completely with kiddy sweets and finished with a row of handmade bunting! Jelly teddies, spaceships, fizzy stars and lots more. There were little silver scoops for everyone to help themselves and the table was decorated with little teeny glass hearts.I had so much fun making it all but got even more pleasure from the reception it all got from the ladies attending, seeing them smile and even thank me for what i had done was more than i ever could have asked for - love you all xxx

I am having a little revamp of Frills & Fondant - not only will we sell the heart table display candles and glass display candles we will also be offering event planning - everything from supplying the decorations (from flowers to pompoms) when you walk down the aisle all the way through to dessert and candy tables for birthdays, christenings etc. We have so much planned and I am so excited to take Frills & Fondant to the next level - watch out for more pics coming soon as i have a birthday event, a double baby shower and a wedding lined up!


  1. Ooooooo - everything looks so wonderful, you have cover every beautiful detail, I can see how much love and care has gone in to planning this. You truly are such a special person :)
    Thats great news about your business, it's a perfect next step and I just know it'll be a huge success.
    Have a wonderful day - Ju xx

  2. i cant even form words when it comes to thought you must have put into everything,it looked stunning!!
    i'd love to know how you do can really see the love and thought you put into it..
    quite simply (and not to sound gushy!)
    your fab and i wish i knew you in real life =) lol


  3. That must have been so rewarding! You can see how much effort and work you put into it - but the result was so worth it!! Can I have an invite next time - lol! Looked delicious and fun!

  4. Wow Debbie, that is all just completely awesome! Just amazing, everyone must have loved it! I am very jealous :)

  5. It was all P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!! Thank you again for EVERYTHING you did - and you KNOW what you did lol :) Wishing you all the best in the world with the new venture which will do fantastically because your attention to detail is second to none. Love you!! xxx

  6. PS Even if you did bin the damn cake!!

  7. oh my...this all looks divine!

  8. it all looks gorgous, what lucky ladies to have such lovely friends. so where did you get that great lemonade dispenser??

  9. Wow, you really are a woman of many talents, everything ooks gorgeous.

    Wishing you all the very best in your nre venture, I just know its going to be a great success.

    Love and Best Wishes

    Chrissie x

  10. I was being good.... but couldn't resist the cake pops, mmmmhmmm they were miiiighty fine! yummmily!

  11. It was beautiful, you are an awesome woman.
    Love you loads and loads xoxoxoxox

  12. Oh My god, I can't believe you binned that amazing looking cake!!!

  13. My mouth is watering at the sight of all your lovely goodies. Looking forward to the frills & Fondant launch as we have my son's wedding next year. xx

  14. How on earth do you find the time for all this plus running the house and raising a family - you're amazing! x


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