Tuesday 21 July 2015

Mums last Cancer research charity event *sob*

Every year we all love going to mums up in Berwick and taking part in the charity event they organise.  Each year since my dad died, mum and a few other residents of the park have organised a huge charity day/night which has an auction, stalls, huge tombola and yummy food.

This year was rather sad as mum is moving closer to us, so although we are all happy about that, we knew this event would be tinged with sadness. 

The kids all thoroughly enjoyed themselves as usual and even Amelia was on her feet at the live band! lol   

I managed to grab a couple of shots of her modelling the dress i made her.  I love that my girls will wear the clothes i make - Evie wants one in her size too....i think i may milk the matching clothes for as long as i can! 


Evie wore a hair bow in the Cancer research colours - she is really into her girly bows and bling right now so im enjoying that phase too! lol

The boys still arent keen on having their pictures taken so im biding my time - they will come round and once again i will be in full on photo mode! 

For now though my gorgeous girls have to put up with me!


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  1. What a beautiful dress, no wonder your other daughter wants one too. Although your mums move will mean an end to the fundraising event I'm sure you will love having her closer to you. xxx


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