Wednesday, 11 March 2015

M.I.A catchup!

 OK, so while i have been MIA we have been a busy little house!  

Money is always tight and I am part of a group of moms who sell on their baby items - why not when they fly through clothing like something not right! Saves the pennies and saves the environment too - plus i can pass them on and start on the next sizes up!

One lady said she had 2 bags of 9/12mth clothes and would like £10 so i nabbed them quickly! What i didnt expect was it to be 2 huge black bags full of Next, Monsoon, Debenhams etc dresses, cardigans, tops, pjs.....literally there were around 100 outfits! 

I started a project of taking pictures of Amelia every day in a different outfit as im sure she has enough to not have to wear the same thing each day through to her first birthday!  Ive been popping them on Instagram and although i have a little catch up to do we are still going strong and shes still in a different outfit everyday! lol  

Lots more to come too!  Plus i get to pass them all on when shes 1 and start again with another batch!

As well as lots of housey project too i have been developing recipes for book 2!  This is a teaser of the Tropical Rocky Road - a couple of tweaks and it will be perfect!  

Lookiing forward to getting a little time to spend on some more recipes - i have a ton of ideas and not enough time to execute them lately! 


Monday, 9 March 2015

Funny face!

This little girl has me laughing so much all the time - she really is a little tonic! 

Just look at that pout! 

...and now theres a tooth to show off too you can bet there will be lots more pictures! lol 

Meanwhile - this little one is growing up so fast! #almost5