Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Dance!!

 Opening my little shop inside City Attic Durham soon - so excited and cant wait to make it my own little haven!  
All handcrafted items, candy bar display and portfolios of parties we can cater for!  
A new chapter and an exciting one too!!

 Personalised and bespoke items, home decor and shabby chic living - its all about YOU!!

Pop in and say hello!


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SNOW in March!

Go away snow - as much as i like you in the winter i think its time we had a little sunshine!

Although....if all snowflakes looked like this then you could be forgiven...I literally squealed with excitement in the school play yard at seeing REAL snowflakes!
 38 years old and my first time seeing snowflake shaped snowflakes!!Wohoo!!

Time is running out to win these goodies in my March challenge on Facebook - check out my Deborah Nicholas- Gifts from your Kitchen page now!

All you need to do is make and photograph the chocolate truffles from my book and upload a picture to facebook or email a photograph to me and i will upload it for you.  Everyone who enters is placed into a draw to win a selection of kitchen goodies that month - this month there is a fabulous cake stand, delicious truffles and the cutest vintage cupcake cases up for

Good Luck


Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Treats

Today me and Evie spent time making some krispie cakes - all i did was melt the chocolate,!  Evie used a wooden spoon to mix the chocolate and krispies then switched to metal spoons to scoop them into the cases!  
This kid catches on quickly - more spoons means more licking - method in the madness!! lol

We then moved on to making finger puppets and face masks - these are so cute and were mega cheap from a local card shop.  Everywhere has them.....where the cards start from 29p etc ... you know which one i mean, i just cant remember the name! lol 
A pack of 6 finger puppets was 59p and the pack of 3 masks was 99p!  Bargain and ultra cute!

Also going to share whats keeping me busy at the minute - these box frame pictures!  
This one was a true labour of love, fingers hurt, brain fried but well worth it in the end - now just need to work on the shop front!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Poundland Easter Challenge

One of the jobs of a poundland ambassador is to try out new products and give views on their many items.
Easter is almost upon us and we were given the challenge of ...

Making an Easter Bonnet  - post to follow
Easter Egg Hunt - post to follow after Easter of course ;)

and also Easter Crafts which is what we have been working with this week.

I bought lots of individual packs for the kids to choose from and both Evie and Ethan chose to paint porcelain eggs and i got to make the rabbit toy.
The products were (obviously) £1 each and well worth the 20 minutes or so that it kept the kids quiet.  Evie had lots of fun painting and mixing colours 

while Ethan complained that he was using pink and that was a girl colour!  (apparently he HAD to use it as it was in HIS pack and we werent allowed to swap!) lol

The Easter friend/bunny that i got to make was pretty easy and a fabulous option if you are wanting to teach little ones how to sew.  The plastic needle has a round ball end and threads through pre punched holes.  A little glue was all that was to be added to the kit, we used Pritt as its easy for the kids to use and not messy!  The features were all stuck in place and voila a cute handmade Easter egg helper ready for the hunt next week!
Cute and kept me busy for 20 minutes without having to think - bonus!!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I have a PA*!!

I'm hoping to be around a lot more as I have lots to post about! 

I have a PA* now so things are getting scheduled, planners are getting filled and I have someone else to help with photographs etc :)

The retreats have taken off and we are going to be visiting Ireland in September, I'm finally finishing up some jobs around the house, lots of reviews and recommendations, I'm back doing craft fairs and also working on book 2!  So, lots to share and lots of pictures too as I'm making a conscious effort to document more :) 


*read as a 16 year old son who is wanting to earn money for driving lessons!! ;)