Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Creative Scrappers #66

This weeks sketch was just begging for me to use my Starbucks cards - i mean look at all those little rectangles ready for them!! Also do you know how long it took me to work out what letters i had enough off to do the words! That was a toughie as you can guarantee i would be halfway through a word in one style of letter only to find i didnt have any E's or A's etc!! LOL
Heres my take on the sketch, Caramel Coffee Frappachino with Cream - nuff said! YUMM!!
Papertrey order turned up this morning so the parcels are on their way out to the girls today - lots of excited grabbing of parcels from postie tomorrow i hope! :D :D
Do you want me to do this each month? I place an order each month anyway so dont mind popping in for anyone else in the UK - just let me know what you want when the sneak peeks go live so that i can get the paypal funds in time to order on release night :)

Monday, 24 August 2009

Just another manic monday....

Non stop again, this weekend we have managed to fit in visiting my mum, going to the beach, the arcades, visiting Stuarts mum (shes not to bad, in pain but looking better than we thought thankfully), laying flooring (free from Freecycle!) in the bathroom, gutting the boys bedroom after visiting the Carbootsale and buying up enough WWE wrestlers to cover the floor (their own money so hey im not complaining!) and finishing up 2 more layouts and one project for design teams and magazines! Ooh and a late night friday crop too, finished reading True Murder and started the Twilight books .........yep im almost running on empty!! lol

Anyways, while the boys recreate the WWE championships (heres a selection of them - dont focus on the semi nakedness, well unless its John Cena or Randy Orton - go search on google and try not to drool!!).... im going to go make some more goodies for me - ive one more DT project on the go and then its just doing somethings for me....must catch up on some of the sketch sites :)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Crop night...

Im busy packing for the crop tonight and i dont have a clue what to take.......no seriously! I can always guarantee that when i dont take something, its the one thing i will need and when i take everything and the kitchen sink i dont make a darn thing anyway! LOL Hmmm what to take?? What do you take to your crops?? Do you make up kits of pages you know youre going to make or do you just pack it all and wing it??

Heres a sneak of a couple of projects ive been working on - one is for an upcoming spot on the Pencil lines design team and another is for the Daily Inspiration over at ScrapbookMate :)

Have a good weekend and i will try to update but we are going to mums tomorrow (to see Ben) and call in to Stuarts mums as shes had a fall and broken her elbow and foot!! EEK!! Get well soon Sue if you see this xxx

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Creative Zone!

Im rather comfy in my creative zone right now so please can the powers that dictate my life please just let me play for a little while .......... something always seems to crop up when im finding my mojo so please just let me enjoy....even for a little while?! lol
This is my take on the Creative Scrappers Sketch this week, isnt it such a fab concept - i love the whole sketch and im sure you will too if you have a play along :)
Pooh sticks for those that dont know (i dont think theres anyone out there who hasnt heard of Pooh bear but anyways..) Pooh Sticks is when you drop your stick one side of the bridge and run to the otherside to see whos stick comes out first :)
Another layout to share! Last weeks Pencil Lines sketch #147........sorry im late (i have done this weeks too which is the card below!) lol Lots of Websters papers, pearls and ink - and i do love my Martha edging punch (as if you couldnt have guessed!) ;)
Pencil lines # 148 - a simple Thinking of you kinda card :) Thanks for the sketch girls xxx
Ok, the garden.....its getting worse not better but i know its a process - a long process at that!! Anyways look what i found in the garden today!
To finish off todays post i am going to post a pic of Jakes ear now the plasters are off. It is now just waiting for the last bits to fall off (blurgh sorry) and see if its completely healed underneath (can you see where we have been hacking at his hair to get the sticky plasters out without hurting him - hair grows back so no big loss!!) lolA little story while i was in the hospital - you know when some things are just meant to be, coincidence, fate, whatever??
Well, my Little gifts of Kindness calender is going to get me in trouble one of these days, heres what happened......

Todays said 'say something nice to a pregnant lady' - im sorry but when someone told me i was glowing, my hormones took that to mean i was fat! Eek!!

So, coincidence or not i had to take Jake back to hospital today so i bought a box of roses and accosted the first preggers lady i saw....

'Excuse me i know this is going to sound strange but can i give you these - the calender page is there to show you im not a complete wierdo!' *blush*

I think she was too shocked to speak but her hubby was lovely and kept saying wow and thank you :) :)

*sigh* that was a good feeling! xxx

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Woodchip arrgghh!!

Remember this song......

Oh Deborah, do you recall?
Your house was very small,
With woodchip on the wall.
When i came around to call,
You didn't notice me at all.

By Pulp.

Well right now i dont think i would even notice a flippin hurricane rushing through the house!! I HATE WOODCHIP!!! Its driving me nuts to the point of tomorrow im phoning the council to see if they have someone to remove it - or if they have any idea how i can remove it without losing any more nails!


I need chocolate.........mmmmmm thats better - ok so this wasnt from today but the thought of it brought back a smile! :D

Sunday, 16 August 2009

What a palava!!

Ok, new cable attached but its keep cutting out which means the battery isnt charging! grrrrrr!!

Anyways, while ive had some down time i have been stripping the hallway (woodchip!!) and shopping for bargains! Cath Kidston-esque wallpaper for £5 a roll at Focus! Bargain! :) Cant wait to have the hallway done - white wood panelling on the bottom and blue which pink,cream roses on the top.....i pinched this picture from Posy's blog as its exactly what im aiming for.......hope thats ok (the pinching of the pic, not my taste in decor!!) lol :)
I have also rearranged my craft room and added a little more organisation in the form of the red containers and filing unit! Its so tidy but believe me it wont take long to be messed up! lol All goodies are from Ikea :)

I will finish with a layout which is the one i created for Twisted Sketches #10. I was asked to be a guest designer for this week and jumped at the chance - thanks Anam :) Go check out the blog for loads of inspiration each week!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Laptop trouble!!

My laptop eats through cables like something not right (ok so i know its not right and something is wrong and one of these days i will get a new laptop but right now the price of a cable is as far as i can manage!) LOL Hopefully it will be here tomorrow and all is well. Right now im on dhs laptop trying to update my sites and email anyone who is waiting info from me etc.............as well as pick up emails offering me free stuff to review their products (and i dont just mean viagra and willy enlargements!!) ;)

Yesterday we all headed out to the pics to see G Force and the kids loved it - what i loved most though was the fact they all behaved as though no one else was around for a change! They really let loose when i told them to behave like statues etc and everyone around thought they were great! It looks like i lost a boy and gained a girl, shes Holly, my niece :DI snapped loads of piccies and want to share a few quickly before dh kicks me off his computer!! lol

See you soon!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Creative Scrappers Sketch #64

Dont you just love the sketches on their site!! This was my first as a design team member and its a gorgeous sketch with so many ways to change it, add embellies and make your own - go check it out, the rest of the design team have made some stunners!! Remember the little sneaky peek i gave a while ago.....well that was for this layout/sketch! Thanks again to Kristine for taking me onto the team - im loving every minute!! :D

No piccies to share yet but the window ledges outside have had a coat of Jasmine White paint and the door its first coat of Mailbox Red....its starting to come together (i love the sound of dh pulling into the drive and the crunch of stones under the tires!) hehe simple things! :D

Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Weekend!

I thought, with it being Saturday, we would get a lie in this morning.....i suppose just after 7.30 isnt bad but another hour would have gone down a treat! lol
We headed out first thing to Hamsterley Forest. Its the only time ive been but the boys have been with Daddy before so they knew all the trails etc. :) We walked only half as far as we could have as the boys would rather play on the climbing bits and throw stones into the water......we also played pooh sticks which was really cute!! (especially concidering the water was moving VERY slow!!) lol
After catching some rays, getting lots of fab photos and having a picnic we headed home for tea which was planned as giant yorkshire puddings, mince and veggies..........but since we were having such a fab day we headed off to Pizza Hut instead.......(via B&Q to get the paint for the front door - feng shui says red is a very lucky colour so red it is - or will be when i take the awful raspberry colour back and get a RED RED!!) lol

No crafting today so nothing to share sorry, im too busy drooling over the Papertrey order the girls are placing this month, anyone else wants to jump in give me a yell............its the price of your order, plus 15% for customs, your share of the postage (which is split between everyone equally) and then postage to get them from me to you. As i said, if anyone would like to pop an order in with ours send me an email debbie@countryheartandhome.com :)

Friday, 7 August 2009

Wahoo i made the Bo Bunny Design Team!!

Im so excited!!

They told me last night and wow do you know what its like trying to get to sleep with that kind of info going round in your head and knowing you cant tell anyone until its announced!! 3am i finally fell asleep - i was driving dh nuts as i kept having to get up and read, giggling, saying i was too excited to sleep! hehe! Im sure now i can share my entries for the try outs and i cant wait to start work with the rest of the team, other new designers and returning girls too! :)

Go check out the announcement on the Bo Bunny blog - i promise im not joking!! lol

They requested 1 card....1 layout and 1 otherAll made using the U Bug Me range and Alisa papers :) The album itself is a Bo Bunny one too!
You cant even imagine how much i have been happy dancing around the house today!! lol

ok, and breathe Debbie!! ;)

This weeks Pencil lines sketch is fab - go check it out, the girls have joined forces with My Little Shoebox for August so there is an absolute mass of inspiration! Tthis is my take on the sketch...
The sun was shining yesterday (novelty for the North East!) so i took the boys down to our favourite haunt for ice cream sundaes! Chocolate for the boys and banana split for me - sod the diet its not often the sun is out! lol
We had loads of fun, Ethan got his hair cut into a mohican, we played in the park, we even called into the church to organise the boys christenings (it was closed so no progression on that one!)

Lots to organise, lots to do and today im doing it with a renewed bounce in my step :D

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hospital, Monkeys and Couch!

Handmade cakes and sign (PTI holiday treats stamps)
Ok so ive had to stick a pretty pic at the top here before i launch into the hospital talk as some people have those blog banners that bring up which blogs they have visited and also the first photo - i didnt want Jakes ear to be the first thing someone sees if they are having lunch or tea so heres something pretty to keep you going until you read my proper post!! lol

Today we had to go back to the hospital so that the dressings could be taken off Jakes ear. Poor little soul sat as good as gold and even let the nurse cut his hair so she could get the sticky plasters unstuck! lol It was a little bigger than i anticipated (thankfully i didnt pass out, even though i felt woozy!) but the nurse said it should heal and leave just a small scar. Hes now home and playing on the wii saying it doesnt hurt (he now has a much smaller dressing so i think hes just happy his whole head isnt still wrapped up!) Back on monday to get the stitches out!

Ok onto the more ungory stuff! lol

Bo bunny have a fab sketch this week drawn by the gorgeous Shanna Vineyard - go check it out and take part, they have some goodies up for grabs!The papers are all from the Bo Bunny U Bug Me range, the small stars are glossy accented to make them shine, the large stars are fastened on with PTI buttons and it is all inked and torn to within an inch of its life. The photograph is of my little cheeky monkey running away as i try to snap a photo! :)

Ive been busy with the Papertrey On My Couch stamps too - how cute are these!! Seriously adorable and that little kitty is just the best!! Cant wait for the sneaky peeks of this coming months new additions :D

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Plastic surgery and buttons bits!

lol what a title! No it wasnt me having plastic surgery! lol It was Jacob, poor little mite has always had an open pore on his ear/face. Its always been really small and no bother but the last year it has been filling up to bursting point and being generally yucky so he was booked in for surgery yesterday. He was a little trooper and thought it hilarious that the doctor drew on his face (ive told him NO to doing it at home!!) lolYou can see on his ear where they drew a circle round the area and the start of the arrow behind his ear where they would take the skin from for the graft (thankfully not needed).

Here he is post op and feeling a little sorry for himself.....right before i picked him up and he threw up all over me! lol Dont you just love their timing!! ;)

Between nursing the sick and general housey stuff, mass clearout still in progress, I have applied for a job as assistant manager at a local charity shop. Its only 18 hours per week but Ethan starts school in sept so it means i will have some extra free time. Also first time on the wii fit today in 39 days, only put on 1lb but it felt a lot more once i started those hulahoops!! lol 30 minute workout overall so not bad.....must keep it going this time!

Ive managed to play with my new button bits stamps some more! I love them! I think this one is my favourite I have made a whole little set with different sentiments etc to use as general 'thinking of you' type cards :)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Creative Scrappers sketch # 63

Again the design team have pulled together an amazing selection of layouts. Go check out the Creative Scrappers blog for the full sketch and details for this weeks challenge :) Here is my take on it ....I love this sentiment and knew i had the perfect photo of me and Ethan visiting my mums :)

Its been a pretty quiet weekend here. Ben is at my mums for the holidays, Scott is at Stuarts mums for a week (was picked up yesterday) and DH went away for a boys weekend camping and flying helicopters! Its just been me, Jake and Ethan! Eating rubbish, watching rubbish and getting rid of rubbish! We had had a mass clearout and their bedroom is so clean (i mean you could eat off the floors kinda clean!!) they are even picking things up saying they dont want it messy anymore - im hoping ive turned a corner with them!! lol
I just want to give a quick recommendation to the film Seven Pounds too. I wasnt that into it at the beginning and it was a little bitty (storyline here there and everywhere!) but once it got established i sobbed...........and i mean noise, tears, snot, everything!! Ooh it wasnt a pretty site and i was thanking God i only had the 2 boys with me and they had fallen asleep earlier! lol

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Colour challenge 13 and cuties!

Today is the final day again for Dawns colour challenge (i really must mark down the day its updated as im always the last to upload!) This is the first time i have played with my new Button Bits set of stamps and they are so much fun! Im going to make a whole set to go in a little notelet folder - simple pressie but too cute!!

Im having a mega blitz in the house, the dresser (yes the big one i painted!) has gone to a lovely lady on freecycle. I have masses of stuff in the cupboard at the top of the stairs bagged and ready for the first fine Sunday (carboot sale). I have lots of bits to go to the tip and im going to put a complete blanket ban on buying anything else for the house - im such a 'faffy bits' hoarder...........you know, little picture frames, candles, trinket bits.....nothing major but lots of little bits! argghhh.....NO MORE!!

If youre on facebook then youve probably already seen our new additions........George and Max! They are the most adorable, cuddly and cute little lop eared rabbits. They have been a long time coming and are finally old enough to leave their mummy so are now here at their new home *love*