Saturday, 29 June 2013

Book Giveaway! Stitch London!

Today I am offering the Stitch London book up for grabs!  All you have to do is follow the details on rafflecopter below and the winner will be picked at random at midnight next saturday!

"Cute, quirky and slightly insane, this unique knitting title will show you how to knit all the most famous London people and places. From Baby Big Ben, Tiny Tower Bridge and Pint-sized Parliament Telephone Box, to Laptop Sock, Mug Huggers, City Critters and Tubeline Scarf, each project will make you put your stitching stamp on everything in sight. "

Good Luck!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Kids Grow Wild!

 I love messing around with Evie and she is getting a real creative streak lately, so when we saw a challenge to get messy in the garden with the chance of winning a prize we jumped at the chance! 

This is all part of the Kids Grow Wild! Challenge in association with MoneySuperMarket.  Unfortunately we  are too late to enter the competition as it closed on the 23rd but since the weather was actually on our side this week we went out and planted our seeds anyways :) 

We were sent a fabulous watering can, lots of seeds, gardening gloves, mini garden tools and instructions on what to do and we set to work.  Evie lovingly planted all of the seeds in her little raised bed garden - when i say lovingly planted you know i mean dumped! lol

Her favourite bit of all is the water - i swear she should have fins! 

Watering can in hand she proceeded to almost drown the poor seeds but im sure they will grow all the same! lol

Needless to say, the mud had to be moved around by hand - no tools here thank you very much! 

She is going out each day to see how they are doing and is actually talking to the spot where the seeds are burried - fingers crossed we will have some more pictures to share with you soon!  I cant wait to see her face when they start to grow! 

“This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge”


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Our new addition....
5 years old, rottweiler cross (with a mountain breed as she has double claws at the back) Has been neglected and unloved but now lives in a very happy home with lots of love and doggy cuddles.....

Big love and welcome to...

...Nina :) 


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Limited edition 25 Candle club!! Deborah Nicholas Designs exclusive!

Exclusive 25 candle club!!  

BE QUICK - there are only 25 spaces!  Each month 25 candles will be made in 2 exclusive scents!  These will not be reproduced for the shop and will be solely available via the club!

For only £15 per month INCLUDING postage you will receive 2 hexagon jars of delicious scent and a free gift! 

Packaged with shredded tissue and wrapped with ribbons, this box of goodies would make the idea present.  Why not order a subscription as a gift!

If you keep your subscription active for a consecutive 5 months - month 6 is FREE!! 

Order today as month 1 is dispatched on the 1st of July! 

Message me at for payment details.

Social Sunday!

Ive been MIA for the past couple of days due to an impromptu trip to London for a Flora Tea Party! 

I did my usual London tourist bit and wandered around for a while taking pics of the eye, having coffee in Covent Garden and generally people watching! 

Another coffee, outside of the Theatre.  Im a coffee addict when im plotting (more info on that one later)...

The tea party was held on the Deck of the National Theatre (and I will share pics soon but I forgot my camera memory card so had to use Marjas phone!!)  

 We got to create funky sandwiches, play games and eat lots of cake - we also got a goodie bag with bread and Flora to bring home! 

We had a fabulous time and I got to see my lovely friend and stay at hers again where we crochet' until late and most of Saturday.  I picked a pattern that looked so cute but boy was it a little b*gger to start out with  - however 2 squares later i seem to have the hang of it and dont even need the pattern anymore!  

The train journey home provided the perfect time to finish off the second square!


Since its Social Sunday - link up your blog below with what you have been up to this week and i will pop by for a visit! :)


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

They're coming!!

My little sis had a big birthday recently but living down at Alton Towers means that we didnt get to celebrate!

You know what Im like so I got the thinking cap on and realised the perfect answer to her party dreams.....zombies!!

I sent her a decontamination invitation which was supplied from  
We spent today making brain cakes, jelly petri dishes, swabs and decorating the house! 

 The neighbours have been having a field day, slowing down cars as they were driving past and I actually had to go out to one group of girls who thought that it was real blood on the window and were about to freak out! lol

We cordoned off the driveway and the doorway into the house, we had it ready for the boys coming in from school and the looks on their faces made it all worth while. 

 Little sis enjoying a mess around with petri dish and trying to work out a cure for the outbreak... ;)

....the swabs were made with fake blood and sandwich turkey!! Urgh!  Needless to say thats us never having turkey sandwiches again! 

 I loved messing around with the outside of the house and really enjoy it when its Halloween, Easter etc so that we can go completely overboard - the neighbours probably think im nuts!  

My hands are still covered in the fake blood and Im just glad we didnt actually smear it on our faces! 

 Benjamin even took part with his freaky contacts! (yay a few and far between pic of son 1!) 

Hope you enjoyed this and it didnt freak you out too much - i know it was a little gory but it could have been so much worse!! Mwahahahaha - roll on Halloween 2013!

Off for a brain cake and cup of tea - when the zombie apocalypse comes we can still be civilised! 


Monday, 17 June 2013

Making Monday!

Evie is following in her mummies footsteps - not only does she do everything i do but shes started to take a real interest in making things!

Mr Maker on CBeebies is her favourite programme at the minute and we have to make everything he does - good job i have a supply of pipecleaners and googly eyes!! lol

I spotted a competition the other day on Facebook to create a self portrait and she jumped at the chance when i suggested she enter.   
We grabbed the craft box and got out all the sticky shaped, paints, pipe cleaners, googly eyes (told you they would come in handy!), cotton balls and glitters and glues! 

The only things i helped her with were curling the pipe cleaners and spotting the glue on the page - she chose what she wanted to use and where to use them.  
I am so proud of her efforts and from this picture, she is too!   She just keeps looking at it and says -  Its Me!!  lol

We entered the competition and found out this morning Evie has won second place!! 

She now has £50 worth of vouchers to spend on clothes at Jelly Lane - and in true mummy/daughter style shes already chosen the dress she wants! doesnt fall far from the tree!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Social Sunday! Link up your blog here!

Happy Sunday!

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Social Sunday - remember to link below and i will pop by to comment!!!

What are you up to today??

Im trying to get as much housework done as possible since hubby is away and coming back tonight - well, you have to make an effort dont you? lol

Happy Fathers day sweetie from all 5 of your gorgeous kiddos! 



Saturday, 15 June 2013

Granny Chic Giveaway!

I was out in town today and spotted this fabulous book at The Works!   

Granny Chic is from the very talented Dottie Angel and Ted & Agnes - you will probably already follow their blogs if you're a shabby chic / re-loved enthusiast! 

I just happened to have a couple of fat quarters of yummy fabric lying round not being used so im including that too!  My sewing machine has given up the ghost so im relying on you making something pretty and put it to use - if you do use it let me know what you make! :) 

The giveaway starts at midnight tonight and finishes at midnight on the 22nd June!  

Good Luck!!

Good Luck

Friday, 14 June 2013

Hubby is cooking tea tonight!!

...So im going to go get my pjs on...

...curl up on the sofa with a Malibu & Lemonade (I know how to live!!)... Mollie Makes and Homemaker...

and carry on with my bobble blanket....project 1 of 2 on the hooks! 

What are you working on this weekend??


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Poundland Fathers Day Review!

Being a Poundland Ambassador I was sent some Fathers Day presents to review.   

The parcel arrived and we waited for Daddy to go to work before checking out the contents! 

 The goodies are fabulous and the kids are so excited to give him them.

We will be lucky if Evie hasnt opened the Grow Your Own Football Pitch!

Included in my review kit is a Family Guy Bottle Holder, Family Guy Pint Glass, Mini Wooden Puzzle, Grow Your Own Football Pitch, a Teddy bear (...which has mysteriously disappeared!), a large plastic gift bag and a smaller paper gift bag which comes complete with Fathers Day card and tissue paper! 


Obviously all of these are only £1 each in the store - which i still find hard to comprehend as the quality is fabulous!

Im pretty sure Daddy is going to be impressed with his goodies and with only the cards to buy (from Poundland obviously!) then this Fathers Day is going to be a one where each of the kids can give their Daddy a present!  

Check out the Fathers Day section on the website before heading to the store to stock up!! 

5 presents = £5 - BARGAIN!  You cant do that anywhere else! 


**Although items were sent to me free of charge, all comments and opinions are honest and my own.**

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Picnic Day!

The weather was glorious this morning as we set off up to mums for an impromtu picnic!  As in I rang her yesterday and told her we were coming! lol

Car packed, sun shining, Robin Thicke (yes please!) Blurred Lines blaring out of the radio - a good day!

We got to mums and unpacked and set up the picnic.  We took some pictures and sat down to eat...

...then the raindrops came!  Within 5 minutes we had everything packed up and it was starting to come down heavy - yep, you can always rely on the British weather to ruin plans!

Still we had fun and both me and Evie even played football in the rain -

- it was still warm (even though daddy went for his fleece!)  A cup of coffee and cream cake later we headed home again! 


Monday, 10 June 2013

Making Monday - Chalkboard Pinterest!

I have a love of chalkboard paint, I adore taking pictures apart, painting an new insert, spray painting the frames and putting a new home decor item back together! 

I have made a huge one for a wedding table plan and various smaller ones for photo ops and photo booths!

There are so many on Pinterest - just key in chalkboard and see what comes up.....
 There is this chalkboard painted frame with glass insert where you write on the glass what you love about someone...of course this just wipes off and you write something else.   
 Then I found this old door frame with the insert painted again noting why I *heart* you because... but its way too large for the space we have..
 This is a fabulous piece of wall art but again space is limited here so i wanted to go with something smaller and I remembered a little baroque frame I have which will sit perfectly on hubbys night stand -
 this way i can head up before him and pop a little message of gratitude on each day before he comes to bed :) 

Along with the chalkboard frames i saw these cute 'dipped' cups - the tub of chalkboard paint i have is no where near big enough to dunk a cup so i had to think of something smaller!  

You all know my love of jam jars too so it seemed the perfect option...

Of course you  could always paint some tape with chalkboard paint and place on glasses if you didnt want anything permanent.  These can then be replaced or repainted with new space for names etc :)

 What have you made this week?