Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Remaining Frills and Fondant stock......

Goodies left at HALF PRICE:

Tins: 5 Redcurrant & Thyme...2 Bubblegum...1 Coco Chanel...1 Coconut...2 Flowerbomb...2 Fresh Linen...5 Cranberry & Raspberry...3 Black Orchid, Raspberry & Lemon...1 Banana Souffle...1 Jasmine & Vanilla retail @ £3.25 now £1.62

Glass Kilner Jars: 1 Spearmint...1 Kenzo...1 Chocoberries retail @ £7.95 now £3.97

Medium glass bowls: 2 Prada Infusion...1 Cinnamon...1 Wild Berries retail @ £6.95 now £3.47

Lipbalms: 4 Coconut...6 Chocolate retail @ £1.95 now £0.97!!


Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Everything is half price - im having a major stock take and clearance so everything must go!!

All you need to do is email me with the items you would like to and i will send you through a paypal invoice inc postage. Bear with me as its obviously not marking things out of stock as emails come through but i will try my best to keep on top of it!

Items that are still available but not showing on site are 2 of the Harmony tall candles at £14.50 - so £7.25 in the sale!!
Also Cranberry & Pomegranate tins, Black orchid with raspberry and lemon tins and Flowerbomb tins - all £3.25 each now £1.62 each!!

Happy Shopping and hurry before its cleared out!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Barnard Castle tomorrow!

Frills and Fondant will be there holding our very first sale! I will update the site with the new details when i return and some new stock too...feels like an eon since i had a chance to update! If you call tomorrow mention my blog to receive a further 10% discount on all purchases :)

A little photo to you think this is attitude or just a 'my mums a scrapbooker i better learn to pout' look?? Hmmm im thinking its attitude the bucket load!! lol
How can we not love a little queen of the trampoline, she certainly has the boys under control! lol...and finally, contemplating her next move!
Far too cute!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Look who turned 1!!

Where did the 2 weeks go since I last posted??In fact where did the last year go?? I cant believe our little princess turned 1 already! EEK!

We celebrated with a little family get together and a pink butterfly cake - well it had to be pink didnt it really! lol Nothing special really as she was absolutely loading with cold and a trip to the doctors on her birthday afternoon didnt put her in a good mood for a 'party' - you bet Im glad i didnt go the whole banners and skywriting route! lol

I held another all day class at The Scrapbook Shop in Durham last Saturday :) We all had a fab time again and they all went home happy (I hope!!) lol The next one is booked in for the 21st of May and isnt up on the site yet but they can take bookings over the phone so reserve your place :)

This time we did 3 layouts with lots of can do straight forward layouts at home so I want to give you something to make you work! lol

This one was where they made each stamped 'brad' by glossy accenting and glittering a 3/4inch circle - 45 of them in total! These were placed in each scallop of the already printed paper (this was a sheet of Christmas paper and i wanted to show you can use them all year round)
The A. R and T were templates from the door project we also made during the day using decopatch - CREATE - in pinks, whites and golds to display on a craft room door or wall :)
This one I showed how to make the curled roses....I believe everyone is now covering everything in curled roses!! lol
A little touch of the upcoming celebrations - this took me an eon to work out and I know its not completely correct in the design but it works for me and is meant to be a shabby chic vintage version of the Union Jack - complete with wobby bits and handcut feel!
I still have photographs to add to mine, of course theres the little princess birthday photographs to add and there will be photographs taken of the boys when they have their 'Royal Wedding' lunch at school on their return - crowns included of course! ;)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bottlegreen Breast Cancer Campaign.

Bottlegreen strikes a pose for charity!

Limited edition bottles support Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign

You don’t need the latest ‘it’ bag to get ahead in the style stakes this season. Make way for the most fashionable accessory collection that no suave social event should be without – bottlegreen limited edition Fashion Targets Breast Cancer sparkling pressés.

As part of its ongoing support for Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity, bottlegreen has developed a very special limited edition bottle collection, specifically for the fashion charity campaign, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC). Leading the way as the first drink to collaborate with the campaign, bottlegreen joins high fashion partners such as Coast, Warehouse, Topshop and Marks & Spencer for a spectacular monochrome line-up. What’s more, for each and every one of the stylish black and white bottles sold a 10% donation will go to support the charity.
With three very unique and elegant bottle designs to choose from, bottlegreen’s classic sparkling pressé flavours include, elderflower, pomegranate & elderflower and ginger & lemongrass.

When it comes to style, good taste is everything and with bottlegreen, the exquisite flavours complement the look perfectly. With its delicate and distinctive flavour, bottlegreen elderflower sparkling pressé is light and refreshing. With the combination of Thai root ginger and tender roots of lemongrass, bottlegreen ginger & lemongrass sparkling pressé gives you a fabulous fiery kick! Finally for those who have a passion for pink, bottlegreen pomegranate & elderflower sparkling pressé is an exotic blend of sweet ripened pomegranates and hand picked elderflowers.

Available from April for a limited period only, enjoy the refined taste of the Fashion Targets sparkling pressés whilst showing your support for the charity. A drink that no event or household should be without.

So show your support and bag yourself this latest fashion collection to accompany your hottest spring / summer wardrobe items.

Click through to the Bottlegreen website for a chance to win £1000 spree in Coast and a styling session.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Winner of the £25 gift certificate to Frills & Fondant is.....

...drumroll please...

Michelle Collins :)

Congratulations hun - please can you send you email addy to debbie(at) and start shopping! :) :)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cookery School Cook Book - Chicken Kiev with Tenderstem Broccoli :)

Everyone knows you cant judge a book by its cover and all cooks know you cant judge a receipe book by only trying out ONE recipe.....hence this is not an overall view of the book and I will be updating with more receipes as we try them out :)

We thought we would start with something that everyone in the family likes - Chicken Kiev. Granted we usually go for the ready made ones which end up with no filling left inside, just a cavernous hole with a 'hmm was there actually EVER any garlic in there?' feeling!
The idea of using fresh chicken breast and making the filling myself was not daunting as I have made stuffed chicken breasts before - however, I have never deep fried them!! This made me a little nervous as to whether they would leak completely and wreck the deep fat fryer or whether they would actually get cooked all the way through.....salmonella isnt a big wish in a house of 7!!

The smell of the garlic filling in this recipe was divine and I swear, if I thought I would have gotten away with it, it would have been fried up and eaten by itself - hey ho, i think that shows my love of garlic as much as it does of this filling! lol As much as I love the lemon and olive oil drizzle for the broccolli the boys refused to eat it at all - I think it was just too much of a grown up taste if that makes sense?! Personally it took me a long time to 'enjoy' olive oil as a dressing so I didnt expect the boys to tuck straight in, will keep working at them though ;)

Who knew photographing chicken would make you blush!! Honestly, there are some pictures i just cant show you! Needless to say the chicken breasts need to be cut so that you remove the little additional breast from the back (you know the bit that is extra - this is used to close up the filling section) Then you need to cut each breast in two and make a large pocket making sure you dont cut all the way through the tissue... (no pic) and fill this with the garlic paste made earlier...(no pic) the extra breast piece you cut earlier over the filling pocket and this will seal when you cover in flour etc in a moment. (yay decent pic!!)
Place in the fridge for 20mins to keep shape.
Place the flour, egg and breadcrumbs into seperate bowls...
Dip the chicken pieces first in the flower, then the egg
and finally into the breadcrumbs until fully coated.
Do this for each breast piece - now ready to deep fry.
The oil and lemon can be mixed while the broccoli is lightly boiling - it is tenderstem so you can use all of the stem on this kind and it doesnt take too long to cook either which is a bonus.
Plate up with broccoli first, drizzle of lemon and oil dressing then top with the fresh deep fried Chicken Kiev....
Enjoy, Overall this was a hit and I would make it again but without the lemon dressing for the boys. xxx

Ingredients list: (Makes 4)

Garlic butter
120g unsalted butter
3 cloves garlic
2 tbsp chopped parsley
3tbsp white breadcrumbs
salt and pepper

Chicken Kiev
Vegetable/sunflower oil for deep frying
2 chicken breasts
50g plain flour
2 eggs, beaten
100g white breadcrumbs

Tenderstem Broccoli
200g tenderstem broccoli
juice of 1 lemon
2tbsp olive oil

Friday, 1 April 2011

Girlie time!!

Thought since it had been a while I would share some updates on the girlies in the family including a new addition!
We have a new little girl -- Millicent Bystander, Millie for short naturally!

I love the name Millicent but everytime I said it the boys jumped in with the additional Bystander......for the movie buffs amongst you you will know its from the movie Flushed Away. When the main character is confronted by the villians he says he is an innocent bystander which they misshear as Millicent Bystander and call him that for the rest of the movie! Needless to say the kids thought this was hilarious and has stuck ever since! lol

Now an update on our other little princess...she loves make up (granted we dont let her wear it yet but she does pretend to put it on with all my brushes while im getting ready!) she loves digestive biscuits (whoda thought!), she is starting to get use to shoes.....not just any shoes...pretty pink shoes!

Mainly she loves her momma though - and that is all I need *heart*

Please remember to enter the competition in the post below, I will pick a winner over the weekend :) Good Luck!!