Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our little Olympian!

Im really enjoying the whole patriotic-ness (is that a word) of the Olympics!  The opening ceremony made me cry and Ive enjoyed many an hour so far watching everything from archery to gymnastics, diving to water polo!
Our whole family are loving it!!

We went out today and while we were at Asda Evie spotted the UJ flags and headband - needless to say shes our little Olympian and enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline while I stood and took countless pictures! lol

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pistachio & Chocolate Cake

Made this afternoon, for tea today, this cake is/was 3 layers of ultra light vanilla sponge filled and covered with pistachio frosting and topped with chocolate ganache!

I love how the weight is balanced between the flavours, a hint of all 3 coming through with each mouthful!

Mmmmm..almost sinful
 ok....now totally sinful! ;)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Quick catchup...

Im still in full 'create' mode for next weekends baby shower!  We have so much to do an its going to be fabulous - baby is still holding tight so we should hopefully not have an extra little visitor (Laura is due 2 weeks after the shower!)   If he arrives early we are changing it to a Welcome to the World party! lol

A couple of sneaks of Mr McGregors garden veggies and the topiary trees which will sit either side of the dessert table...
I saw these flavourings from Foodie Flavours mentioned via a baking site an just had to try them.  We made coconut and cherry cupcakes and boy is it potent stuff - 6 drops was all it took to create cherry frosting for 36 cupcakes!
How fabulous is this little smile - I love this little girl so much it hurts (shes a real mummys girl too!! YAY!) lol

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mr McGregors garden..

....is under way! 

Monday, 23 July 2012

My sewing box...

After many years of wanting a sewing box, looking in charity shops, carboot sales etc.  Finding some that needed lots of attention or others that just didnt have that something special...

I need look no more!!

In our local charity shop i found this gem! 
 Beautiful looking with lots of threads, needles, pins and buttons....ooh the buttons! 
  I slid the little draw along and found a tub underneath...a button tub! 
 Still unsure on whether to paint and reupholster the lid - maybe I will live with it the way it is for a while and see how it goes :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Im still alive....just full of busy! lol

If anyone is still out there..... *tumbleweed* hehe!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Cancer Research Charity Do 2012!

Mum and her friends organise a charity do every year in aid of Cancer Research.  This year we knew the weather wasnt on our side and after lots of ups and downs, changes of venue and showers all day it eventually went ahead as scheduled on Saturday night in the usual spot :)

I baked 96 cupcakes (4 boxes of 24), 20 pushpops, 50 cakepops and mum made caramels slice, rocky road, scones and ginger cake.   Evertything went really well, everyone loved the stall and together with the craft fair we raised over £120 :)  
 In total for the night the amount raised was over £2700!! 

I got to meet my beautiful cousins gorgeous little girl Anya, she is such a happy soul and so placid!! 

Arent those eyes just stunning!

Of course my little nephew was there too, dancing and eating and giggling his way through the night!

A good time was had by all :)  Heres to next year!