First and foremost I am a wife and mummy!

I met my husband, Stuart, through work when I was 20, fell in love and was proposed to within 1 week.  Whirlwind didnt come into it - we met in May 2005 and a year later our first son was born - do the maths to know we didnt waste time knowing we wanted to be together forever!  He is my life and such a support that I know I wouldnt be able to do half of everything I do without his backing.
Our first son, Benjamin was born in 1996, then Scott in 1998 and our lives were full of baby boys!  Learning how to deal with boys when youve grown up around girls all your life is a whole new experience and one which we knew we could handle.

Jacob came along in 2003 and Ethan in 2004, making 4 boys!  

Could we really do this?!  

4 boys!! 

I was completely outnumbered but filled with so much love and knew that our family, although bigger than most, was also filled with so much happiness that it just couldnt be wrong! 

People would question if we were trying for a girl and honestly the answer was no - as long as our babies were happy and healthy then thats all we wished for.....
.....and along came Evie in 2010!

A little girl that took us all by surprise!  I remember coming home from the scan to find out what we were having, still in shock and holding a little pink helium Its A Girl balloon....I dont even think it had sunk in properly - we were having a pink one!   
The boys were so excited and now that she has just turned 2 she is the most doted on little Princess ever - whos going to argue with 4 older brothers??

...and number 6 is due soon!

Added: she is - Amelia Grace!  


  1. Oh wow what beautiful babies, nothing better than lots of kiddo's, I have one of each but I must say if I had a choice it would be more boys xx

  2. That was lovely to read Debbie x

  3. Beautiful family!
    I'm mother of three boys who wanted a little girl...........I have a beautiful grand-daughter, and a beautiful grandson what more could I ask for......?
    Julie xxxxx


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