Friday, 19 September 2014

Cake & Bake Show Earls Court - 2 ticket giveaway!

I have 2 tickets to giveaway for the Cake & Bake show at Earls Court on the 3rd - 5th ~October.  The tickets are Adult Early Bird for The Saturday and worth £10 each.

All you need to do is leave a comment below saying who you are looking forward to seeing the most??  

Paul Hollywood?

Mary Berry?

Rachel Khoo? (my favourite!)

Who are you hoping to see?

Winner will be picked on Wednesday next week to allow enough time to post the tickets :) 


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Its a vintage dress and pearls kind of day!

Nuff said! 

Necklace made by me! 

What kind of day are you having?


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pampers Active Fit Nappies #BritainsDriestNappy Challenge

When we were chosen to take part in the Pampers Active Fit Nappy challenge for #BritainsDriestNappy both myself and Amelia were very happy as we are huge Pampers fans.

To be honest we have tried all different kinds with all the kids and Pampers are the only ones that seem to work really well in all circumstances!

We went into this with an open mind though and purchased a pack of Tesco own make nappies also to try out the challenge with a cheap pack v a more expensive pack to see if it really is worth spending the extra.

Both nappies were placed side by side and 150mls of water poured into each, which is around 2 or 3 pees worth (probably the amount that would be needed before you notice a nappy change is needed)

Once all of the water was poured we set the egg timer for 1min 30seconds and waited for the exciting bit!

When the timer pinged it was time to place a piece of kitchen paper on the nappy surface to see if there was any leakage....just enough pressure to simulate a child sitting in the nappy and look what happened!

The Tesco nappy was still very wet....but the Pampers nappy however was bone dry and I mean BONE dry!!

I cut open the nappy to look inside and see what little miracle holds the water away from babyskin - these fabulous little micro pearls absorb all the liquid and form a gel!  

How clever!!

Yep - I can confirm I am still a lifelong Pampers fan and will most definitely be adding the active fit nappies to the shopping list (we currently use Pampers Baby Dry)!

Hope you liked this little demonstration - i know we did *and i never enjoyed science at school*! lol


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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Rag Dolls!

Having girls means I can make ragdolls for them! 

They love their dollies.... making a boy superhero one too! 

This one is for a special little girl whos mum i use to go to school with!  :)

I love them all and to make them a little bit more special they have a birth certificate and little history too :)


Friday, 5 September 2014

A new school year!

Everyone is back to school/college/work and although a little quiet here it means i can get some routine back! 

Scott started college on Monday (loves it!), Jake started Senior School on Wednesday, Evie and Ethan started school on Wednesday too...... yes Evie is at school! 

How grown up does she look!

She wont leave go of my hand until she has hold of her teachers ok with that :) 

Theyre growing up too quick!

Off for some more hugs before theyre too big to want any!


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Baker Ross Camper Van Keyring Kit. *review*

Being part of the Baker Ross blogger programme means we get sent goodies to play with and when Evie saw these little camper van key rings she couldnt get the parcel opened quick enough!

You receive 4 in a pack for £2.99 so for 75p each you have 4 cute little gifts for the traveller in your life!

Empty one packet at a time and make sure you have the ring, camper van, string and 6 beads.

Fold the string in half and loop it through the ring.

Thread the beads with colours alternating.

Loop through the little hook on the top of the camper van and fasten in a double knot.

Trim ends and hang from your keyring, zipper, where ever you wish! :)


Also these would be an idea stocking filler for Christmas or for the Christmas fairs coming up - they only cost 75p each so ideal pocket money toys for kids too!


We are part of the Baker Ross blogger programme so receive items to make and review.  No payment is received and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bakers Day Letterbox Cake - Review.

We had the opportunity of reviewing one of the Baker Days letterbox cakes. 

What a fabulous idea - everyone sends flowers or chocolates but how cool would it be to send a cake that can be popped through the letterbox even if you arent in!  They also supply cupcakes too! 

Supplied in a cute keepsake tin with greeting card, balloons and candles this little cake has everything you need for a treat in a box.  

The cake can be printed with anything you like, any picture, any message or if you are low on inspiration you can choose from a gallery of ideas!

The outer is a delicious light fondant and the sponge is light and airy, you can choose from Vanilla or Chocolate or Fruit.  We received the vanilla cake and it was delicious, not at all dry.  Thin enough to be a one layer cake yet just enough to not need anything else.  

We cut it into 6 pieces and each piece was a decent size portion. 

I would highly recommend Baker Days for that special celebration....or even just a treat for tea! 

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too! 


We received one letterbox cake in return for this review. All opinions and comments are my own.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Lemon Curd making with Persil! (its ok its not an ingredient!) ;)

We were recently sent some goodies from Persil to make our own jam.  

We still have a mass of apple and blackberry jam from my mum so we decided to make lemoncurd instead.  This is one of the easiest and tastiest things to make! 

All you need is

4 eggs
2 egg yolks
250g Sugar
110g butter
zest & juice of 4 lemons
pinch of salt

Add the butter, sugar, salt, zest and juice together in a bowl over a pan of hot water (do not let it boil) and stir continually until the butter is melted (cut it into small blocks which will melt faster) 

In a seperate bowl, use a fork and combine the eggs and yolks. Pour into the bowl over the pan and stir regularly to stop the egg from scrambling. 

Keep over the low heat, stiring regularly for approx 10 minutes or until the lemon curd starts to coat the back of a spoon. 

Sieve into jars and leave to cool completely before topping with a circle of greaseproof paper.

They will keep for 7 days in the fridge.

Given the fact i have 3 little ones who like to get messy in the kitchen we knew that these Dual Action capsules were going to be put to the test!  I was dubious i must admit, I love Persil as it is and didnt think anything was better than the Persil tablets.....boy was i wrong!  

The scent and the power that these little gems pack are second to none!  No need for fabric softener or additional expensive stain removers.

Convenience in a Capsule

Life experience makes up for a lot of mess and dirt, but thanks to the convenient new Persil Dual Action capsules, laundry will be the last of your worries. Simply place the capsule in the empty drum, add your laundry and start the wash- it couldn’t get any easier. Three easy steps for one unbeatable result. Unbeatable Performance or Your Money Back

Persil are so confident in the astonishing results of the NEW Dual Action Capsules, that they are even offering a money back guarantee. So let your kids get as messy, mucky and playful as they like and let Persil do the dirty work by cleaning the clothes afterwards- or your money back!

The new Capsules, available in both 17 and 28 wash packs, work with two separate ‘compartments’:·         The microgranules (stain removal powder) contain an active ingredient that works as a stain remover on bleachable stains such as black tea, red wine, black coffee, strawberry jam and blackcurrant juice.

Highly recommended! 

I hope you enjoy the recipe and let me know if you try these capsules and what you think!