Take some basic ingredients, flour, sugar and butter.....nothing special alone, but add them together and oh my!
A few extra flavours, some random ingredients and you have the makings of a dessert to die for!
They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach and having a husband and 4 sons means I have had plenty of chance to experiment!  Im sure they love it when I bake more than I do as they are always my sample tasters!

Celebrations are now never a simple affair as the boys (and now girl!) want something better and better each year, from army themed parties to a Minnie Mouse dessert table, to fancy dress Halloween parties and Back To School celebrations! 
Frills & Fondant was created to take the dessert table/candy bar to anyone who would like it!  I love baking to a theme, designer cupcakes, shaped cake pops and so so much more.  
For me its all about the preparation and planning - wondering if those flavours will work with others and trying something new.  Working scents and fragrances with textures and colours that you just know arent expected in the baking world.

I have cooked and baked with Aynsley Harriott and Kirsty Allsopp.  I have written a best selling  book (available on Amazon) and am currently working on book 2! 
It is an adventure in the kitchen and I am loving every minute!

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