Tuesday, 12 October 2010

News from Debbie

Good morning it's Debbie's friend Ginger Claire here. Don't worry I haven't kidnapped her, it's just that her laptop is broken, so she's asked me to come and post and let you know that she'll be back blogging as soon as her new battery arrives.
If any of you need to contact Debbie please leave me a message over at my blog and I'll get in touch with her and pass the message on.

In the meantime Debbie has done the draw for the fabulous CSN giveaway and the lucky winner is Lynda Del. Congratulations Lynda, I'll e-mail you with the code you need to take advantage of your fabulous prize.

Debbie is making great use of having no computer and baking up a storm. I was treated to a chocolate and toffee cupcake last night and it was totally delicious.


  1. I've just had 2 weeks computer free....it's amazing what you get done without one! Caught up on most on my craft so was pleased with that but was starting to get withdrawal symptons and twitching!! Wish I was near enough to try Debbie's wonderful creations.... yum

  2. I was wondering where you'd got to, hope the fairies come and buy you a new laptop, i'm missing your creations.


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