Friday, 1 April 2011

Girlie time!!

Thought since it had been a while I would share some updates on the girlies in the family including a new addition!
We have a new little girl -- Millicent Bystander, Millie for short naturally!

I love the name Millicent but everytime I said it the boys jumped in with the additional Bystander......for the movie buffs amongst you you will know its from the movie Flushed Away. When the main character is confronted by the villians he says he is an innocent bystander which they misshear as Millicent Bystander and call him that for the rest of the movie! Needless to say the kids thought this was hilarious and has stuck ever since! lol

Now an update on our other little princess...she loves make up (granted we dont let her wear it yet but she does pretend to put it on with all my brushes while im getting ready!) she loves digestive biscuits (whoda thought!), she is starting to get use to shoes.....not just any shoes...pretty pink shoes!

Mainly she loves her momma though - and that is all I need *heart*

Please remember to enter the competition in the post below, I will pick a winner over the weekend :) Good Luck!!


  1. Fabulous name for your new girlie cat and your daughter is gorgeous :-)

  2. Little ones grow up too fast! I blinked, and my son is 4 now! Your little girl is such a cutie. And I love the new kitty - great name too lol! We've just named our new cat Bowie! :P xxx

  3. Awww what a cute little kitty! Your little girl is sooo pretty :)

  4. She's so pretty and cute. She's def got your eyes.

  5. My goodness how your princess has grown! So cute and love her shoes.
    LOL at the new cat's name. x

  6. What a beautiful little girl she is, and such exquisite taste in shoes :)

  7. ahh bless
    lovely pics of your princess

    where did you get those shoes,im desperate to get some for my little girl


  8. Ahhhh, she is adorable and the pretty pink shoes just match the cuteness!

  9. Oooh she is getting sooo big and is as cute as ever and OMG those are the cutest shoes ever! :)

  10. Pretty Pussy and beautiful daughter!!

  11. aw too cute, she is gorgeous x

  12. aww Deb, Evie is becoming more and more gorgeous, she looks like such a little sweetheart.
    Have a great weekend - Ju xx

  13. Wow, they grow quickly. What a fabulous picture that last photo is. Love Millie as well. SHe's cute. x


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