Monday, 12 December 2011

Its getting closer!!

Are you prepared for the big day?

I still have a few little Christmas pressies to get then do the food shopping and im done! I will no doubt bake some more too before the day as my fudge didnt set (anyone know a foolproof recipe??) and the rocky road is going to be gone well before Santa arrives! lol

I made my usual rocky road but this time added dark and milk chocolate, Lebkuchen, whole dark cherries, brazil nuts, golden syrup and butter!! YUMM!!
I also tried something new - Panforte - wow! Its gorgeous but you could only eat a small bit at a time as its rather filling! It has lots of almonds, hazelnuts, mixed peel, chocolate, honey, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg!! Delicious!

Whats on your to do list?


  1. I think that there will be rocky road in this house!!! :)

  2. I could just eat some of that! Looks fab!x

  3. Oh I so wish I had your baking talents Debbie. I have most things done except the dreaded food shop(aargh). Oh and I am making my little one a new dress for Christmas Day and I haven't finished cutting it out yet!

    Colette x.


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