Monday, 6 August 2012

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower.

The day finally came for the Peter Rabbit baby shower and it passed in a blur of blues and bumps!

   I got to have a slice of the main cake and it was indeed quite yummy! lol 

Here are a few pics to show how it all went!  Main cake, blueberries and fresh cream, ginger and chocolate cakepops, marshmallows with sherbert, bonbons, Pims with blueberries and mint and individual cakes for everyone :)

  Mr McGregors garden (in those crates I made)

Glad it all went really well and the feedback was fabulous - *sigh*  I love my job!


  1. Wow, you are so blooming talented lady!
    It all looks so fabulous.

  2. oh wow ive been waiting for the pics to follow ever since you mentioned the baby shower, you are indeed a very clever lady, so much attention to detail. i dont know how you fit every thing in with family life too, i wish i had an ounce of your energy.
    karen x

  3. Fabby - where were you years ago when I was pregnant! ( I know - in school!) Truly Gorgeous hunny.

  4. I'm not surprised the feedback was fabulous - it looks absolutely fantastic X

  5. Wow the main cake is gorgeous. I really like those cake pops, I helped organise my friends baby shower the other week and we put cake pops in little Christening boxes from and filled it with baby inspired sweets like milk bottles. It was a really nice token of appreciation, even though my cake pops turned out a little bit wonky


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