Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Roundup...

March saw Jakes 10th birthday come and go in a flurry of computer games and chocolate cake.  We planned on spending the day in town spending birthday money, visiting the pictures and going for dinner.
However since we forgot it was also Good Friday and the shops etc were on a sunday service and mostly closed the day was a little quiet.  After sitting for what seemed like forever waiting for The Croods to start, we sat through 40 mins and Jake declared he was bored and wanted to go home....birthday boy chooses what happens so we left the cinema and instead of heading for dinner bought a new game instead....Lego Starwars which i think was a good buy instead of lunch as its lasted a heck of a lot longer in keeping him occupied! lol

This week sees me prepping my little shop for opening which I am hoping to do within the next fortnight - i will have a definate date once i gather a couple more bits im after (you know when you have a vision and it NEEDS to be just right!)
 Also spending some time prepping a line of decorative signs which i just knew my little sis would     love, Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies Oh My!

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