Thursday, 15 August 2013

Busy Busy!!

We visited Alnmouth beach on Tuesday when we dropped Jake off at his Nana Sues for the week.

Thankfully both Nina and Flash got along well, they sniffed each other, cased their own space and decided that both were happy as long as they got on with their own thing! 

They were like chalk and cheese on the beach though - Flash was running non stop and chasing balls etc....Nina was frightened of the water and stayed by our sides most of the time!  She will come around im sure! 

The beach is beautiful - so clean and rock free!  The water was so clear too - and warm! 

I have been baking this past couple of days and here is my latest effort which was picked up today by my cousin for her little ones birthday tomorrow.  Alexander is 1 already!! I cant believe how quickly this year has flown over!!  He has a love for Hungry Henry, a little Mexican cat who has to go food shopping for his meals.....

....the cake inside is Neapolitan.  Dark chocolate, vanilla and morello cherry! Kiddy on the outside - grown up on the inside ;) 

I have a Converse trainer cake to make for next week so wish me luck with that one!! lol 



  1. HI Debbie!
    This cake looks fabulous. A friend of mine made a cake in form of a shoe. Here is the link: Hope this helps.

    How is your shop going?
    Big hugs

  2. Springer spaniels don't know the meaning of walk. They can only run everywhere because life is sooooo exciting when you are a bouncy spaniel. Even when they are very old they sometimes forget and bounce a bit.
    the other dog will get accustomed to spaniels that bounce


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