Monday, 23 June 2014

A little bit cuddly and a little bit of random!!

I forgot how much i love these early weeks.

All the love.

All the cuddles.

All the sitting watching her just sleeping, the start of her taking in her surroundings and being an adorable little bundle of gorgeousness!! 

The cute little clothes without food stains and dirty knees...

Knowing that pretty much as soon as shes placed anywhere other than our arms that she will niggle until cuddled again...

Did i tell you how much i love the early weeks/months/years??  

Yes, thought i did ;)

Talking of pretties, how cute are these shoes and dress!  They were a pressie from my mum and Amelia wore them to meet her fairy godmother over the weekend.

All us girlies (me, Evie and Amelia) went into Durham on Saturday to meet up with my soul sister Suzanne, her lovely hubby and fabulous daughter Ella, who had travelled all the way from Bracknell just to see us!!

Yes, they really are that lovely! 

Suzanne was eager for a squish of her fairy god daughter and we hadnt realise when we decided on this weekend that it was also summer solstice - perfect!!

Suzanne is a true friend who is spiritual and kind and beyond anything you could ask for in a friend...

Love you honey xx

This weekends plans gave me and Evie an excuse to visit Starbucks too - erm, Coconut frappe....why did no one tell me before now...liquid Bounty!! 

Im in love!! 

Evie was excited to have her juice and giant cookie too...

...just having a little one on one time, 

people watching and talking about nail varnish and possible new shoes (Evie not me)...

...the little things make me smile :)

PS... Look how long my hair is (yes i had just done my roots too so its looking very dark (blonde roots just dont look good!!) 

My hair is the longest its ever been and just needs a little poofing - i think maybe thinning out and layering?! 

How do actresses/singers seem to have big hair all the time!

Doesnt matter what i do it goes flat within an hour!

Any hints or tips?!

Is it just back combing or do i need a stylist following me round faffing with my hair all day....

anyone want the job....

i can pay in cake! ;)



  1. Debbie she is beautiful - I loved that age too I just love snuggling babies :)

  2. Debbie, those lovely words brought tears to my eyes - until Ben rolled his eyes and called me a loser for being so emotional lol! xx

  3. What a beautiful little one, wonder if she will have Evie's amazing hair! yours is looking good too!


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