Saturday, 2 August 2014

Overtime on the sewing machine!

Its no secret that I love making things so how happy was I when my neighbour came round and asked if I would like a KNITTING machine!  

WOW - yes please!

I remember mum using one for years and taking orders from all my friends' mums at the school gates!  Jumpers with liquorice all sorts embedded, cherry trees on the torso and cherries down the arms, Peter Rabbit and so many more (I can even remember sitting punching out some of the pattern cards to do our own designs!) 

Im now on the look out for the pattern cards and wool cones - I think ebay might be the best bet! lol

Anyways, right now im loving the sewing machine and creating things for the girls.  Thankfully Evie loves wearing handmade and requests what she wants some of the time too - Amelia is still too little to care! lol

(bear in mind im still very much a novice and learning all the time!)

Rainbow Girl to save the day!!

How sweet is this frilly coat - i love that I managed to make it look good enough that people ask where we bought it when she wears it!  

Another little summer lightweight jacket which looks fab with jeans ( looking forward to making this in a grown up size too!)

A little wrap top dress - ive since sewn on the spotty wrap so that it fastens at the back - it finishes it off better! 

Amelias first handmade piece - its 6mths though as that was the smallest the pattern would go so im hoping she may still get a little wear out of it! lol 

Amelias bibs and burp cloths - same fabrics as some of the dresses ive cut out for Evie so that they will match without being Sound of Music kitch!

Looking forward to losing some weight so that I can start and make my own clothes too - more incentive to diet and exercise!! 



  1. I love those clothes they are so pretty
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. O my goodness Debbie, your sewing is fantastic. I`m getting back into my sewing but sewing machine is playing up grrr!
    Everything you have made is beautiful and I love the fabrics,


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