Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pampers Active Fit Nappies #BritainsDriestNappy Challenge

When we were chosen to take part in the Pampers Active Fit Nappy challenge for #BritainsDriestNappy both myself and Amelia were very happy as we are huge Pampers fans.

To be honest we have tried all different kinds with all the kids and Pampers are the only ones that seem to work really well in all circumstances!

We went into this with an open mind though and purchased a pack of Tesco own make nappies also to try out the challenge with a cheap pack v a more expensive pack to see if it really is worth spending the extra.

Both nappies were placed side by side and 150mls of water poured into each, which is around 2 or 3 pees worth (probably the amount that would be needed before you notice a nappy change is needed)

Once all of the water was poured we set the egg timer for 1min 30seconds and waited for the exciting bit!

When the timer pinged it was time to place a piece of kitchen paper on the nappy surface to see if there was any leakage....just enough pressure to simulate a child sitting in the nappy and look what happened!

The Tesco nappy was still very wet....but the Pampers nappy however was bone dry and I mean BONE dry!!

I cut open the nappy to look inside and see what little miracle holds the water away from babyskin - these fabulous little micro pearls absorb all the liquid and form a gel!  

How clever!!

Yep - I can confirm I am still a lifelong Pampers fan and will most definitely be adding the active fit nappies to the shopping list (we currently use Pampers Baby Dry)!

Hope you liked this little demonstration - i know we did *and i never enjoyed science at school*! lol


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