Monday, 1 December 2014

Have yourself a Poundland Christmas!

Have you put up your decorations yet?

Are you buying new this year?

We have no space for our large tree this year due to shifting round the sofas etc so we have opted for a smaller real tree for a change.  This meant that although the tree wasnt taking up as much space, we had more space for other decorations to brighten up the place.

I popped in to town and was amazed at the huge Poundland Christmas range  available in store!  Everything from decorations to presents, wreaths to wrapping paper and everything in between!

There are some fabulous tutorials over on the Poundland Youtube Channel if you fancy handmaking some of your decorations etc this year! 

When the boys were little we would always make them a special calender where they get to unwrap 24 little presents in the run up to Christmas.  This year was Evies turn now that shes a little older and can appreicate things a little more.  Like every other little girl out there she is Frozen obsessed too, Poundland have a fabulous range of Frozen goodies in store (you probably saw the news footage of hoards of shoppers fighting for stock! - thankfully ours was well stocked and still is!)

We also boughts some make your own decorations which involve putting together little boxes to create a little present bunting set - however these would be great if you are handmaking sweets or chocolates - you could present them to the recipient with their initials already glittlered onto the front of the box.....well, you could if their name starts with one of the letters in Merry Christmas! ;)  

Have you picked up any bargains this Christmas?



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  1. We are still using our Christmas lights we bought in Poundland about five years ago!


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