Sunday, 19 April 2015

2 weddings and a new me!

This year sees both my god daughter (Abi) and my sister (Kelly) getting married - Abi in July, Kelly in October.

Now you see this poses a problem for me.....

.....Ive had 6 babies....

...Ive had 19 years of excuses.....

...I want to wear pretty dresses and twirl without wobbling...

...I have around 3 stone to lose which i hide quite well with funky angled photos and good lighting! 

I decided that I HAVE to do something...

... and you know what.... I AM!

For once I feel like im on the right path.

Im getting up at 6.30am to do exercise ...

...wahhhaaat - i didnt even know there was more than one 6.30 on the clock! ;) 


Im loving it! 

Im loving focusing on me!

Im watching my calories

Im loving that im making a better me!

Im going to be stronger, inside and out!

*excited to see where this path leads*



  1. Good luck Debbie. You can do it! I'm doing the Harcombe Diet and I can highly recommend it. The first 5 days are hard because you've got to get through sugar and caffeine withdrawal but after that...

  2. Good for you Debbie, good luck!!! hugs Helena D x


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