Wednesday, 24 June 2015

BabyMoov Muslin Blankets - 10 uses!

 When we were challenged with finding different ways of using the Babymoov muslin blankets i thought it was a fabulous challenge and loved the idea.


 Babymoov’s muslin blankets were created by mums for mums!  Babymoov teamed with five influential bloggers in native France to co-produce a range of stylish designs that appeal to parents. 

 Muslin Blanket Sets (1x 80x80cm and 2x 60x60cm) - £19.99 / Muslin Blanket - £7.99 each and can be purchased online at:  BabyMoov can also be found on Facebook - HERE  and Twitter - HERE 

The blankets are so soft, practical and such good value that i wish i had used them for all my children instead of messing around with fleece and wool blankets which are usually either way too hot or bulky anyways! 

OK, here are my top ten uses for the muslin blankets...

1.  As a blanket (duh!)  Even i knew that one! ;)
2.  As a burp cloth over the shoulder to cover incase of milk backlash!
3.  Swaddling your baby - my daughters both loved being wrapped up tight.
4.  Wipe cloths - ideal for mopping up little dribbles and milk spills.
5.  Floor covers - now Amelia is one and into finger food you can guarantee theres a mess where ever she goes - a little floor cover saves a whole lot of mess.
6.  Car sun shade.  Not to be used over buggies etc to shield from the sun but an ideal shield in the car.
7.  Although i only managed 2 weeks breastfeeding, i could imagine these muslins being a lifesaver for those of us who are a little less comfortable with feeding in public.
8.  Camp roof or hide and seek cover - Amelia loves to 'hide' (by hide i mean behind her fingers, cushion, blanket etc) lol  
9.  I remember lots of little incidents when we were out and about that meant a nappy change at a minutes notice.  These would have made a cute little changing mat cover for those 'not so hygenic' ones in the public loos!
10.  A superhero cape.....hankie.... headscarf ....the list is endless!! 


 In 1997, three young fathers decided to bring design and innovation into the baby equipment market. Babymoov was born with one intrinsic mission: reinventing the everyday life of parents by providing reliable, highly designed and technologically advanced products driven by parent’s input. The three founders still head the company, and are fathers to ten children between them, and a large range of innovative baby products!
 Who better knows parents' needs than parents themselves?

 Babymoov’s unique innovation process places usage at the core of product development. All the products are created with parents to enhance life as a parent.

 The ‘Live Open Innovation’ puts mothers in the driving seat as product co-creators.  By organising meetings and ‘Trendy Mum Days’, Babymoov gives the floor over to the mums!  Mothers are invited to share their opinions enabling Babymoov to find out the real needs of families.

 Babymoov also entrusts parents with new products prior to launch, to enable testing in genuine family environments.  Following their constructive feedback, the Babymoov team can make the necessary improvements for innovative end products, both in practice and design.

 Babymoov’s On-site Creche

 Babymoov launched their own ecological crèche in Sept 2013 which is open to staff members and businesses surrounding Babymoov’s head office in France.  Babymoov provides all the baby equipment alongside professional care to children aged three-months to three-years.  It provides a perfect opportunity for the Babymoov team to observe children’s behaviour with the products they’re in contact with.  Babymoov can then refine and optimise them to best fit the needs of the child.


(we were sent a pack of the Muslins in return for our views on ways to use them


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