Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Creative flow!!

My creative flow is well and truly full steam ahead right now! I am wanting to scrapbook, make cards, bake, embellish tshirts, make goodies for the house...the list is endless and unless i make a start on something soon i think im going to go crazy! Here is one of my layouts I designed for the class on Saturday....You should have seen the girls eyes light up when i produced a megabag of buttons for them to play with!! lol

Im in the middle of decorating Jake & Bens room - we are putting a divider wall down the middle and Jake chose my absolute favourite paper of the moment! Birds of a Feather - from B&Q how cool is that and absolutely adorable at the wall to the head of his bed!

Ben, being 15, chose the manga wallpaper for one wall on his side - I LOVE IT! I know i probably shouldnt as it has scantily clad girlies on there and what with me having boys of impressionable ages etc but hey they wear less when we go to the beach or outdoors in the summer (and its certainly not like the Sam Fox pics boys use to put up when I was younger!!) LOL


  1. oooh lovely layout, love the button heart fab.

    I had to smile at the manga wallpaper....mine will be at that age soon enough!!

  2. Debbie, this is a beautiful layout I love the button heart and beautiful pic's of Evie.
    Very funky wallpaper ;)
    Glad youre back - get as creative as you like, I cant wait to see what you make.
    Takr Care Hun - Ju xxx

  3. It's so gorgeous :)

    I wish you could bottle your creativity ... you'd make a fortune LOL.

  4. What a fab layout - love the buttons! Looks like both boys have good taste in interiors haha! xx

  5. Wow I think you layout is stunning... the birdie wallpaper is great too.

  6. That bird paper is amazing. Great choice.

  7. Love the layout - gonna have to sort through my buttons and see if I can come up with something similar - maybe a pic of Matthew for my mum and a quote (what do you think? does that sound any good, lol).

    Your boys have great taste but then again how could they have anything else with a mummy like you.

    Looking forward to seeing all your creative makes.


  8. totally loving the buttons layout - fabarooni!


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