Friday, 20 May 2011

Fabulous Day....

This layouts isnt about a perfect person, far from it, its about a perfect weekend spent with friends doing what we all enjoy - making things!! The photograph was taken by Kirsty Wiseman at the last Creative HeART & Soul retreat in May (hence no journalling on the layout as it was made up to show the girls how to use their photographs and since we had no idea what kind of photographs were going to be taken I couldnt do the journalling - make sense?) lol I love these little rolls of paper, such a tension release to sit and make!
The layout has since been filled in with little snippits of how the weekend went and some things that people said that made my heart swell and my eyes get a little misty *ok i sobbed when i got a chance to read the lovely tags all the girls had made to thank me for a fab weekend - not to mention the gorgeous flowers I got too!!*

*thank you all so much for your encouragement in the last post - sometimes i need a gentle shove and others i need a hefty kick in the patootie* This time though all i felt was kindness and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx


  1. Debbie, this is such a beautiful layout and I bet everyone that attened the retreat had the best time ever - I wish I had joined you all.
    Have a great weekend - Ju x

  2. It was a great layout (and weekend), thanks for posting it as I need to complete mine x

  3. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, It's sweet, pretty and nice,,


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