Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Its been over a week...

...since i last updated my blog!   Where has that time gone!

Well, the 3rd Creative HeART & Soul retreat was this weekend and we had a fabulous time - the house was like a maze at first and I did wonder if we may lose someone along the way, there were a few treks up the wrong sets of stairs, going out one door and coming in another and being in completely the wrong place and one group of ladies getting locked in their room (too funny sorry!)

We had gorgeous cupcakes from Lydia, the teachers (Monique Jacobs, Lida De Witte, Jen Starr and Tracie Hudson) were as fantastic as ever and im quite sure everyone has gone home with projects they loved!  It really felt like they all had a good time so I can finally collapse in a heap and grab some sleep! lol  Im on an adrenalin high all weekend so when it finishes my head usually explodes with a horrid headache which can only be cured with copious amounts of darkness and pills!!  A little lie down and I was fine - now we start the countdown to the next and my excitement about all the prep is back up on a high again! LOL

I did have one issue on the way down though which knocked me for six!   I had 2 very large cases with me (well, one case and one wheel on trolley) which the guards at Durham helped me get on the train.  I got to York and a woman walked past the window with MY SUITCASE!!  OMG my heart has never dropped so much in its life!

I tried to get off the train but people were getting on and it was a little shovey!! I stood hanging out of the door as i didnt dare get off incase the train took off without me (my other case was still on the train!), so i waved over the guard and said THAT woman just stole my case......it was as though i said i needed to sneeze, he couldnt have been less interested!!   I jumped off and ran over to another guard who asked if I had any other cases, they made me go and get those BEFORE we even went after the woman!  Who by this point has dissapeared! 

So, thats me stuck in York for 3 hours, sobbing knowing I now have no clothes, straighteners, all my cake decorating goodies, clipboard with schedule/lists/instructions etc for the weekend ahead!! 
I sat in the office and the lady asked if i needed coffee,  I said I was ok thank you and she said....

'What I mean is you cant stay in here - go get a coffee!'

I ambled out of the door to be confronted with packed platforms all staring at the freak sobbing her heart out!  NICE!

The police said i had to wait 48 hours incase it was mistaken identity and she had taken my case instead of hers - there were no other cases so im pretty sure it was clear from the start it was theft :(

Anyways, got back home yesterday and spent 45 mins on the phone filling in forms with the traffic police so fingers crossed im either covered by the insurance or I can get it back.....all those pretty clothes gone :(  I know its only stuff and to be honest im a lot less stressed than I was when it first happened but I think what gets me most is that someone had the gall to do it in the first place!

Tesco have some pretty clothes in now so I grabbed a couple of bottoms, tops, pjs etc and managed to do ok all weekend! lol


  1. O Debbie bless you thats awful. I would have been sobbing too (plus swearing and shouting lol)
    Glad you managed a good weekend tho.

  2. Blimey! Can't believe she was so brazen! I think this is a legitimate excuse to do some serious clothes shopping.

    Madison xxx

  3. What a horrid woman! Poor you Debbie, & what appalling behaviour from the staff at that train station, I hope you'll be sending a letter of complaint. ((big hugs))

  4. That is outrageous!! You poor thing! Makes you wonder about the human race!

    Hope the nice weather cheers you up a bit!

  5. Hi debbie,
    how very awful it makes my blood boil!!!
    surely the police will look at ctv footage and catch the brazen cowbag!
    fingers crossed for you
    Suzie qx

  6. How awful!! Goodness, what is the world coming to?! Lots of love xxx

  7. What an awful way to start a fab week-end,all the work you put into everything it is soooo unfair! she will get her 'come-uppance' though and hopefully you will get your items back.


    Helena D.

  8. So sorry, Debbie. Although, I had to laugh at Susy Q's comment calling the thief a "cowbag"!

    I hope you get everything back intact.

  9. Oh Debbie how awful for you, bloody woman. I would have been in an inconsolable heap. xx

  10. Oh no, what a nightmare! Hope you can get insurance money at least as chances of tracking it down now :(

    Thanks for your lovely comment too!

    S x

  11. Getting locked in the room was funny I must admit! Brilliant weekend yet again. Roll on the next one x


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