Saturday, 12 May 2012

This post is not sponsored by Tesco!!

Im a firm believer in not having to pay a fortune for something good!

Im a bargain hunter and that branches out to every aspect of my life....even cooking family meals...ok so I dont rummage in the discount bit but I do look at the value ranges and see that, a lot of the time, they are just as good as the named brands!

I was doing an online order with Tesco recently and noticed their new Value range - all supposedly made with store cupboard ingredients and a lot cheaper than the branded alternatives. (Youve seen the adverts!)

My basket soon filled up - 199 items to be precise!!  This included fresh meat, veg etc that were not from the value shopping came to just under £160!  I was really pleased with that and even more pleased when it turned up as you couldnt see the kitchen floor for bags! lol

Putting away the shopping is one of my favourite things to do - sad i know but i love to see all the shelves full, the fridge packed and the freezer loaded with goodies!

We have managed to get through 1 week+ without having to go out and top up on shopping - this alone is a miracle in this house!!

I like the fact we can make the meals into something special too...

For example - we had pizza one night

4 large pizzas @ £1.10 each
2 packs mozzarella @ 44p each
cherry tomatoes @ 69p
ham @ £1.19 (large pack which has done us two lunchtimes worth of sandwiches too)
cheese @ 99p

The pizzas were plain margerita but looked a little light on topping, I filled bowls with the mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, ripped up the ham and grated a little more cheese.  The boys were then told to 'build their own 1/2 pizza' - they were huge so shared a whole one between 2.

Result was 4 fully loaded pizzas and 7 very happy and full people for a £8.15!! Take off the cherry tomatoes, ham and cheese that were left over and not used as topping and we paid less than £1 per person!!

So happy!! :)

***this post is honestly NOT sponsored by Tesco - i just wanted to pass on a bargain post***


  1. ah see i feel the same about tesco too, its the only place i shop for food as price wise it all balances out and i truly enjoy their own brand. now the 'value' range has been rebranded with new packaging even that helps people buy (i believe as it looks so much better than the old packaging)

    i generally get mine home delivered too in bags, its quick and easy and so much less stressful than taking the boys with me, and i only buy what we need too

    ps my reply was truly not sponsored by tesco, just someone who totally loves shopping there

    enjoy the rest of your tesco munch :) xx

  2. A friend and I were only saying the other day how much we liked the 'new look' value range.
    I much prefer Tescos to any of the other Supermarkets and judging by your bill, it's def the place to shop.

    Beki x

  3. I sometimes but a plain cheese Pizza, dot some creme fraiche over it and dot some stilton on to that, it tastes gorgeous.

  4. We always do 'build your own' pizzas. It works out even cheaper if you use a Tesco value pizza mix and make your own bases! Then I put out sweetcorn, peppers, onions, ham, lardons, salami, cheese, and toms. We use a Dolmio sauce for the bases. Then everyone just heaps on whatever they want on the top, bung in oven and delish!!


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