Saturday, 28 July 2012

Quick catchup...

Im still in full 'create' mode for next weekends baby shower!  We have so much to do an its going to be fabulous - baby is still holding tight so we should hopefully not have an extra little visitor (Laura is due 2 weeks after the shower!)   If he arrives early we are changing it to a Welcome to the World party! lol

A couple of sneaks of Mr McGregors garden veggies and the topiary trees which will sit either side of the dessert table...
I saw these flavourings from Foodie Flavours mentioned via a baking site an just had to try them.  We made coconut and cherry cupcakes and boy is it potent stuff - 6 drops was all it took to create cherry frosting for 36 cupcakes!
How fabulous is this little smile - I love this little girl so much it hurts (shes a real mummys girl too!! YAY!) lol

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