Monday, 23 July 2012

My sewing box...

After many years of wanting a sewing box, looking in charity shops, carboot sales etc.  Finding some that needed lots of attention or others that just didnt have that something special...

I need look no more!!

In our local charity shop i found this gem! 
 Beautiful looking with lots of threads, needles, pins and buttons....ooh the buttons! 
  I slid the little draw along and found a tub underneath...a button tub! 
 Still unsure on whether to paint and reupholster the lid - maybe I will live with it the way it is for a while and see how it goes :)


  1. What a great find! you certainly have an eye for a bargain. I too just love buttons and have my Mum's button box still and have fun with the granddaughters rummaging through it..but would never use any of them!!


    Helena D.

    The macaroon book is great Thanks..still practicing!!

  2. Oh you lucky girl - a treasure indeed. And I'm sure the previous owner will be pleased its found a loving new home! :o)

  3. That is a fantastic find - reminds me of my nana's house. jenx


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