Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SNOW in March!

Go away snow - as much as i like you in the winter i think its time we had a little sunshine!

Although....if all snowflakes looked like this then you could be forgiven...I literally squealed with excitement in the school play yard at seeing REAL snowflakes!
 38 years old and my first time seeing snowflake shaped snowflakes!!Wohoo!!

Time is running out to win these goodies in my March challenge on Facebook - check out my Deborah Nicholas- Gifts from your Kitchen page now!

All you need to do is make and photograph the chocolate truffles from my book and upload a picture to facebook or email a photograph to me and i will upload it for you.  Everyone who enters is placed into a draw to win a selection of kitchen goodies that month - this month there is a fabulous cake stand, delicious truffles and the cutest vintage cupcake cases up for

Good Luck


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  1. Don't feel alone - we've temperatures around 0°C in Germany and snow as well. I'm just back from Rome and there it was nice sunshine with 20°C... We have to hope!


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