Saturday, 23 March 2013

Poundland Easter Challenge

One of the jobs of a poundland ambassador is to try out new products and give views on their many items.
Easter is almost upon us and we were given the challenge of ...

Making an Easter Bonnet  - post to follow
Easter Egg Hunt - post to follow after Easter of course ;)

and also Easter Crafts which is what we have been working with this week.

I bought lots of individual packs for the kids to choose from and both Evie and Ethan chose to paint porcelain eggs and i got to make the rabbit toy.
The products were (obviously) £1 each and well worth the 20 minutes or so that it kept the kids quiet.  Evie had lots of fun painting and mixing colours 

while Ethan complained that he was using pink and that was a girl colour!  (apparently he HAD to use it as it was in HIS pack and we werent allowed to swap!) lol

The Easter friend/bunny that i got to make was pretty easy and a fabulous option if you are wanting to teach little ones how to sew.  The plastic needle has a round ball end and threads through pre punched holes.  A little glue was all that was to be added to the kit, we used Pritt as its easy for the kids to use and not messy!  The features were all stuck in place and voila a cute handmade Easter egg helper ready for the hunt next week!
Cute and kept me busy for 20 minutes without having to think - bonus!!



  1. I bought the hand puppets and Easter egg decorations for JB1 a couple of weeks ago (he's a few weeks younger than Evie). Hopefully we'll have time to make them this week.

  2. OO I need a hat for next Thursday at school


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