Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Being a Morrisons Mum. Post 1 - Homemade Pizza. #MorrisonsMum

When I received and email through from Britmums asking those who were interested in taking part in a project with Morrisons I jumped at the chance.

Mum has a Morrisons near her home and she is always saying how fresh things are and how good the produce is that she buys from there.  Due to convenience of having both a Sainsburys and a Tesco on the doorstep I have never really gone further afield so this was my first trip to our closest Morrisons (approx 20 mins further than local supermarkets)

However, now I have been once I will certainly be back!  In fact I think hubby is getting a little tired of me keep saying 'ooh and this was xx cheaper' and 'this would have gone off by now if we had gotten this from xx' lol 

This is helped by the fact Morrisons have just launched their I'm Cheaper campaign.  Not only is it on basics but on branded products too - jammy dodgers down to 49p a packet - ive paid more than twice that at our normal supermarket!!  THESE PRICES ARE PERMANENT too - not just a promotions for a week or so - how fab is that! 

We were sent £80 worth of vouchers and asked to do a shop for the bank holiday and see how far we could make it go.  No obviously having both me and Stuart plus 5 children and another on the way our weekly bills are rather large!  It doesnt matter how much i plan and prep we seem to end up well over £140 a week - and thats scrimping on treats and extras! 

As you can see from the fridge its rather full and I was very impressed at the freshness of the fruit and vegetable section.  Everything was well stocked in store and there were at least 4 members of staff constantly restacking the baskets and crates. 

 I was more than impressed that we could buy punnets of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries for 99p each (they are generally £2+ in our normal supermaket) Very impressed too at the cleanliness of the store and how well stocked the shelves were.

The store cupboard essentials were just as impressive with Tate & Lyle sugars and Pink Wafers being part of the permanent Lower Price pledge!  Kids bottles of fizzy juice 50p each and bread etc for 59p a loaf! 

Concidering we use almost a whole loaf each time we need to make lunchtime sandwiches for the family this lower price is a godsend! 

Tonight we made homemade pizza with the kids - i love to involve them as much as I can in the kitchen.  They all love baking and making things and its a good way for them to know whats going into their food - they seem to eat a lot more too when theyve made it themselves! 

We got everything out that they wanted on their pizzas and decanted them into bowls etc - I was pleasantly surprised with how sweet the peppers were! 

We bought par baked bread bagettes to create our pizzas with so popped them on a rack in the oven for 8 minutes before splitting in half and creating! 

The kids had a choice of either plain tomato paste or garlic tomato paste.  Thats why I prefer homemade pizza - im not a huge tomato base fan so like to put my own on and scrimp a little on the tomato but stack the vegetables as much as i can! 

Evie enjoyed helping to make her own, mine and daddys and the boys made their own. 

Gilled to the brim with tuna, peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms and cheese they were ready to hit the grill...

This was mine and I have to say it was delicious - was that because of the fresh ingredients....the fact it was homemade by Evie...or the fact it only cost £1.47 per person!! (...breakdown below!)

Total breakdown for the meal for 6...

bread x3 @ 45p = 1.35
tuna x 2 @ 79p = 1.58
peppers x 1 @ 1.59
mushrooms x 1 @ 99p
cheese x 2 @ 1.00 = 2.00
sweetcorn x 1 @ 35p
tom puree x 1 @ 49p
tom & gar puree x 1 @ 49p

total = £8.84

£1.47 per person

Plus there is still 2 peppers, half a box of mushrooms and almost a full tube of garlic/tom puree to use!

I have more recipes to pop on here and more than enough food to last us for the week so I would say the Morrisons I'm Cheaper pledge really does work for our family! 


We were given £80 worth of Morrisons vouchers to spend instore. All opinions are my own. 


  1. We love Morrisons! we first visited them in Manchester when my daughter lived there and we kept asking when they were going to come to our area. I haven't been in Tesco for about ten years now. I refuse to aid their planned world domination. Morrisons feels like a corner shop but acts like a supermarket and yes you are right their stores are always spotless

  2. No matter how hard I try and how various our menu planning is i always find I get stuck on fun, quick and healthy meals for lunch.... thanks for the ideas :)


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