Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Enjoying a little girl time!

Sorry ive been MIA for a while, we had a little girl time.  

Just me, Evie and Amelia.  

One week at mums in beautiful Berwick. 

The first morning when i woke to feed Amelia at 5 I stood at mums window and watched two families of ducks...a momma and 2 babies both following in line and a momma with 5 even smaller babies all darting in every direction! lol  

Every now and again the 5 little ones would come together and momma would look in control...then she would turn her back and they would all scatter!  It was so cute to watch! 

I also saw my first Hare!  

Actually i thought it was a biscuit coloured dog coming to decimate the ducks but nope, this whopping great hare bounded off mini kangaroo style and disappeared as quick as it arrived! 

Add that to the bunnies, badgers, chickens and horses and Evie was in her element too! 

We painted rocks...

We learned Amelia has a very judgemental glare... lol

...and also a cute little smile :)

...and scarily looks like Winston Churchill if she isnt happy! haha 

We got to trial and put our new Doona buggy through its paces properly (and mummy is well impressed with the adjustable Evie size handle!)

We played on the beach...

We fed the horses...

We danced with our shadows in the sun...

Evie was chased by chickens (too funny!)...

We ended up every night with 2 very sleepy little girls! (Amelia took a shine to mums supersoft teddy bear and slept on his leg in her moses basket during the day which freed up my arms to make some felt goodies...the pic of them both together was one morning after Amelias feed when we all snuggled in bed and the pair of them snoozed back off while i sat watched the cuteness realising just how lucky i am!

It was meant to rain but we were blessed with glorious sunshine all week - ive even come back with a little colour!

Definitely going to go on a little girly holiday again at some point - theres nothing like pure pink to help de stress! 



  1. Looks like you had the most wonderful time
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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