Thursday, 16 October 2014

Halloween Nicholas style!

Any excuse for a party!

We love Halloween as it means all the kids get to play games, dress up and eat candy for the sake of it! lol  No better reason!

Here are a few of the ideas we have had over the past couple of years.... 

Game Ideas:

Mummy (see who can wrap up another person in toilet roll fastest!)
Bob for Apples
Touchy Feely (someone blindfolded has to feel random foods and guess what they are - hot dogs are fingers, jelly is brains etc...)
Pin the Hat on the Witch

Things to make:

Streamers from loo roll
Decorative candles (be careful where kids are) 
Haunted mirrors and journals (theres too many nice papers and stickers out there NOT to decorate everything in sight!

Instead of splashing out on expensive facepaints etc just raid the make up bag! Black eyeliner works well for cobwebs and stitches and red lipstick makes a fabulous blood trickle! 

Above all though, enjoy yourself and have fun with it!  Hand out sweets and try to be a little spooky - its the one time of the year when you can act scary and get away with it....mwahhhahahahaha!


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