Monday, 13 October 2014

Snufflebabe & Dentinox to the rescue!

Its almost silly season again - yes when one of the kids comes down with something it has a serious domino effect in this house!

6 children generally flat out with runny noses, coughs and trouble breathing through the night - arent night times always the worst!

Maybe they could see my nose glowing from where they are or maybe it was the sleepless nights and endless crying from a stuffy Amelia that alerted Snufflebabe and Dentinox to send us some goodies to try out.....warning....if youre in any way squeamish with runny things from the nose dept dont read on! 

First up was this fabulous little contraption from Snufflebabe.  It is a nasal aspirator that has you gagging until you realise what a little wonder it is!  You pop one end at the entrance of babies nostrel (NOT INSIDE) and SUCK! heard me right!  

Worry not though there is a filter inside where all the gloop collects and its easy to wash out too - it really does work!

Next up is vapour oil and i think everyone at some point has used vapour oil.  This one is a little different in the fact it can be used with a dummy which helps little one breathe that bit easier.  Ive tried the drops in water, ive tried the drops on the radiator - nothing works but this seemed to help her a little more than any other way.....even when it dropped out of her mouth it was still close enough to help clear her airways.  

A little gem of a product and i can see this being used lots in the winter and thoughout!

Lastly is something that will no doubt be a staple in our medicine box - instead of using syringes (which are a nightmare to clean!) this dummy allows you to pop in a dose and dispurse it straight into babies mouth! 

 No mess, no fuss - just pop the medicine in the open end, close and squirt while baby is sucking! Simples!   We havent had need to use this one yet but as soon as the Calpol is out rest assured this will be too!

Now i know not everyone gives their children medicine etc and this is purely a 'what works for us' post - i am not giving medical advice and i am certainly not saying how you should care for your little ones.  We all try to do the best for our children and im just pleased ive found something that works for us! 

Thank you for listening and I hope all the littlies stay cold free this winter! 


I’m working with BritMums on a project with Dentinox and Snufflebabe to test their products during cold season. All opinions are my own. To find out more about the products visit and

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  1. I enjoyed reading how you got on and hope you stay cold free in the months ahead. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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