Friday, 1 May 2015

Clean eating - part 1!

Its a new one for me but im actually enjoying it!  

I won some book vouchers so bought myself a couple of book, one of which is Get The Glow by Madeline Shaw. I have read lots about lately and comes highly recommended.

Week 1 of clean eating is Ditch the Junk - meaning cut out the sugar .Basically this means read labels, watch what you eat and just take note of how much sugar you add to meals or is in your meals.

Ive cut out morning coffee and switched to hot water and lemon - its actually nice (a little like an un-sweet lemsip) but nice and fresh none the less!

Lunch i have been having rice cakes with a teaspoon of Sweet chilli Philadelphia topped with prawns and sesame seeds.

I think im doing ok so far and have mastered a couple of the recipes so far and created some of my own with ingredients i already had in. 

Dry fried turkey breast with oven roasted veg...

Stir fried beef with courgette noodles! (lots of taste with ginger, garlic, lots of fresh veg and then the sesame seeds - mmmm!  This is from the book above)

Now i just need a spiralizer to get really down with the noodles!! 

Everyone needs a little treat and im loving these 'shots' from Whitworths - not many calories but loads of taste and they do actually feel like youre having a 'treat'.  The chocolate coated coffee beans from Whittards of Chelsea are delicious and because they are so rich you only eat a couple at a time - thus limiting calories and making them last forever!! 

Would you like me to share some of the clean eating recipes?

Happy eating!

This is not a sponsored post! 

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  1. Hi Debbie, I`m trying to eat clean as much as possible. I have that book on my wish list. I`d love to see some posts of clean eating recipes. x


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