Friday, 1 May 2015

Lounge makeover with Homebase #myway

Our lounge has to work as both a living room for 8 people, storage room for my crafts and somewhere for me to work too.  With this in mind i set about this project with the plan to incorporate all of this into a shabby chic, peaceful, relaxing room.

Thankfully the boys dont mind that im a flowery, cream and pink type girl and they all gave me free reign to go for it!

A little bit about the project before i launch into before and after shots and tell you how fabulous it is to be able to overhaul a room completely!

Recent research conducted by Homebase reveals that most homeowners think DIY is about creating a look or style in their home without expert help – and consumers are increasingly using ‘friendspiration’ to achieve their look. 55% of shoppers say they use friends (offline and online) to get ideas for styles, products and colours.

Homebase is launching a new portal called The Project Centre where customers can find inspiration as well as help and advice for their own home projects.

On average, shoppers spend 29 days researching ideas before kicking off a project, and then spend  £243 on updating their home décor.

I changed the wallpaper to the stunning Briar Rose paper and painted the walls in Homebase emulsion/cream.  A small bookcase fit exactly into the alcove and created a lovely dresser type feature which i added candles, some of my favourite ornaments and the fabulous stag head (*also from Homebase!) 

My favourite corner of the room is my creative corner as hubby calls it!  I managed to get a new desk, chair and lamp plus a cute cushion to go on said chair!  All from homebase!  I never dreamed that i would be able to get anything like this  - i imagined paint and papers, kitchen and bathrooms etc but to find so many pretty bits just made my day! 

I love sitting there making now - it really has brightened up and made the area so much nicer to work in! 

Highlights from the Homebase research includes:

•          55% of people surveyed by Homebase said that they now get their inspiration from friends both on and off line
•          For bigger projects, such as kitchens and extensions, over half of consumers will outsource the work but 35% of men said they would eschew professional help for undertaking other restoration projects – such as restoring floorboards or upgrading fireplaces – themselves
•          43% of consumers say they happily upcycle old furniture and take on DIY art projects that include techniques like stencilling and stressing
•          30% say they are comfortable undertaking other home craft techniques such as making cushions
•          Over one in five (21%) feel more comfortable having a professional undertake work in their home whilst 15% will ask for help from friends or family members for even simple DIY tasks
•          Nearly 50% of men feel confident in their knowledge and ability to carry out home improvements, compared to 28% of women
•          37% of women say they would delegate the actual ‘doing’ of these projects to their partner
•          people spend on average 29 days looking for ideas and undertaking research before taking on home enhancement work
•          However, cost (80%), ease of completion of a project (51%) and inconvenience (30%) are the biggest factors that delay the start of a project in UK households.

This was part of a Tots100 and Homebase project and i was sent £243 to complete the blog post.

Thank you

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