Monday, 3 January 2011

A day of firsts!

I have a confession!

Pastry was my nemesis!

There Ive said it!

I have tried in the past and it has always hated me, Im sure it was personal, so I refused to bake anything with pastry again..........until I realised I need to conquer this dilema once and for all!

I rang my mum today to ask if she could give me a hand to get this 'problem' under control...Well. you know how it is, no sooner had I put down the phone then I got the urge to try and bake some pastry....just to prove how pants I was and work out where I needed the help!!

I recruited a little helper, so with her bowl and whisk at the ready we set about making a lemon meringue pie (yeah you guessed it, I dont set easy challenges and concidering my last meringue slid out of the bottom of the oven door as it was too runny...well, least said the better eh?) lol

We blind baked, we make lemon filling, we whisked those meringues until we could whisk no more and look what happened......Im not sure if it was my little helper, the fact I was out to prove a point or I was just damn lucky today but something went right and boy was it delicious!


  1. That's hilarious - I guess even a domestic goddess like you has their weakness (thank god!!). Mine seems to be gingerbread. I made a batch (two loaves) before Christmas with the intention of packaging them up as gifts for family. Well, it looked like Mount Vesuvius had erupted in the oven! I had no idea it would rise that much!! Needless to say it all had to go in the bin. Your LMP looks fab by the way!
    caryn xxx

  2. This reminds me of 'toast' the programme about Nigel Slater the other day - I'm sure you'd have watched it!
    Looks delish!!

  3. wow it looks yummmmmmmmmmmy x

  4. mmmm.looks yummy,gonna have to make one

  5. That looks super. I could eat it myself.


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