Monday, 31 January 2011

My poor little neglected blog!

I am so busy trying to play catch up that its almost the end of the month and Im still thinking its the beginning!! EEK I have projects due tomorrow and this coming week so please bear with me as I start posting our very first celebratory meal planner. I will be posting it in sections each day with a big post at the end of the week with how the whole thing came tomorrow may be the starter and the goody bags, the 2nd of Feb may be the main meal and invitations etc.....well, you get the idea anyway and I promise it will all pull together for you to make your own 'dinner party' a huge success! :)

I have been making lots of goodies lately including bubblegum lipbalm, chocolate lipbalm, lots of candles and brooches etc - my little empire is coming along nicely!! MWahahahah!!


  1. Right, as a fellow mother-of-five I demand to know how you do this!!!!! LOL.

    Caryn xxx

  2. Chocolate lipbalm sounds scrummy! I'm amazed at how much you always make in such a short space of time - I am a mum of just one, and I could never be as busy as you! Massive respect to you! xxx

  3. Wow - I think you really are Superwoman, hiding under a veil of being a busy mum! All credit to you and the best of luck x

  4. Just where exactly do you get your super human powers from Mrs Nicholas? Share the source please.....?

    The empire is looking GOOOOOD!


  5. All looks fab and I reiterate what everyone else is saying, 'How do you do it?!' Can't wait to have little splurge on some candles,

    Colette x.


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