Friday, 14 January 2011

Theres worse things to be addicted to....

I will hold my hand up and say I am well and truly addicted to making things....any things!! I look at something in a shop window and think first...

1. Could I make it?
2. Where could I buy the supplies?
3. Damn it theres another hobby started!

How do you stop yourself from trying all kinds of hobbies? I must admit to going through phases of cross-stitch (hardly ever completed one!), knitting (I need instant gratification otherwise I get bored easy!), Crochet (love it but again a time consuming one as I have to concentrate! lol) and probably loads of others!

AND PLEASE dont get me started on wanting to do that 'make your own silver for jewellery', the 'metal/gate/hanging basket - bend your own metal in one simple move' and the woodwork table etc on Create & Craft....I havent gone there....yet! ;)

At the minute though I am messing about with lots of different textures and styles, so as well as scrapbooking, im making all the goodies for the etsy shop....this being the latest! You know my passion for shabby chic/vintage looking goodies, well, who can really do without a gorgeously stunning over the top chalk board?! Not me!! :)


  1. Oh it's lovely! I'm trying to be more creative as it doesn't come naturally to me - made my own Xmas cards and am going to try knitting & sewing this year!

  2. This is gorgeous, I really love it. xxx

  3. This is stunning, Debbie. Must come and chekc out the shop x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Debbie!

  5. Oh!! your chalkboard is fabulous!! I'm a shabby-at-heart girl too... so interesting to find you, with similar taste yet different creations... :) sweet bloggy you have...

    <3 Vio


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