Sunday, 6 March 2011


OH MY Goodness, I seriously cannot believe it is March already! My little girl turns 1 next month and this past year has gone by in a flash - scary, very scary!

I have been MIA for a couple of days this week due to Ethan tripping over a tyre in the school yard and falling head first into a wooden bench! EEK! I was shopping at the time and when dh picked him up from school they swung by to pick me up on the way to the hospital and boy did i get a shock! His poor little nose was spread across his face, a gash across the top and his eyes all swollen! :( I have a photograph on my phone but its not a pretty sight so maybe best that i havent the foggiest how to download it onto my computer! lol
Anyways, he is a lively as ever and plastered up, ready for a visit back to the hospital tomorrow to make sure all is healing ok before heading back to school to show off his wounds on Tuesday! BOYS!!

I completed my first all day session at the Scrapbook shop yesterday - 10am until 4pm, lunch included and I think everyone had a great time! The feedback has been lovely and I am hoping to make this a regular once a month event, need to speak with the powers that be but fingers crossed it will all work out well :)

Im heading to a baby fair at Newcastle racecourse next Saturday if anyone is in the area - we are going to be showcasing our new glass container candles and table centrepiece ones too. The look so cute with the birth announcement tags hanging from them - hope everyone else likes them too and whats the chances of us taking a lot of baby powder scented ones with us... lol :)

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