Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My little brave man...

Here he is after having the plaster removed at hospital this morning. For 4 weeks he has to be careful not to bump it or he will be back at square one - how nervous am I about sending him back to school tomorrow EEK! He has to get the steri strip removed at the doctors and hopefully the gash wont open back up, swelling will go down and all will be well in the world again! In the meantime though hes really looking forward to going to school and showing everyone! LOL

Not only do i have the adventures of accident boy to share but look who loves the camera!! lol It is TOO funny - whenever we get the camera out she pulls the funniest, wrinkliest smile ever and so hams it up.....definately a scrapbookers dream!! (the boys took the one above hence they didnt remove the lunchtime bib and clothing from the radiators! duh - i will make them scrappers!!) LOL

Far too cute and boy does she know it! ;)