Thursday, 27 October 2011

Painting Canvas!

When Tracie said she had an idea for a class for the Creative HeART & Soul retreats about painting canvases I loved it! Ive longingly looked at the likes of Kelly Rae Roberts work and thought it was well out of my comfort zone!

I was a little hesitant too that he ladies at the retreat would feel the same but that is what we are trying to embrace, something new, its all about stretching yourself to find new techniques and ways of using items and ideas you wouldnt normally have on your everyday projects.So, Tracie taught the class and as I was busy in the background we waited until everyone had gone home on the Sunday night before she gave me and my little sis a lesson of our own....
All the way through I kept saying, nope dont like it, ack ive made a mess...but all Tracie kept saying was 'just wait and see', 'add another layer' and a few 'give me it here and wet that cloth for me so i can wipe that bit off!!' lol

Its amazing to see it all coming together towards the end and by the time its all outlined with black pen and you add some squiggles etc - well, its like youve just given birth to a new baby!! I loved my canvas that much!! lol

This has spurred on a bout of canvas making - its amazing over the years how things go round in circles and i already had in a few canvases, acrylic paint and pva glue!! Those are my first couple of canvases made on my own - yes i made mistakes along the way but another layer of paint and its all better!!

Off to stick down more paper and paints!!

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