Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My First Printed Canvas!!

When I was asked by Canvas Dezign if I would like to review a printed canvas I jumped at the chance!! I love the look of them but when searching on the internet I have always been wary of the price and what you you go for boxed with printing round the sides??? How big will the photo stretch without the picture deteriorating?

I replied to the email and said I didnt mind what size the canvas was as long as they made sure the photograph was still picture perfect. The postman brought me the canvas yesterday and I have been smiling ever since! I love it!!

Could that be the subject - well of course it could! BUT its also the fact I wish I had done this a lot earlier - there is so much colour and vibrancy from the canvas...much more than you get from a photograph! The boys are so pleased with it and to be honest if I had blown up a photograph to this size they would have been mortified but because its a canvas its 'cool'!!

I have so many more that I want to turn into canvases now and I will most definately be shopping at Canvas Dezign

*disclaimer - I was not paid in anyway to review this company but did receive the finished canvas*

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  1. How gorgeous are your boys :):) and what a cheeky picture of them - it's beautiful.
    Hope youre having fun - Ju x


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