Thursday, 16 February 2012

Giveaway 6/52 - Fabulous Baker Brothers!

Anyone else love this pair of brothers - one a butcher, the other a baker - I mean come on, I could make my candle(sticks) and we could be a trio!! ;)

For this weeks giveaway I am offering a copy of their hardcover recipe book from Amazon (not funded or sponsored by Amazon - its paid for by me but sent direct from them!) :)All you need to do is tell me what kind of thing you would like to see in a recipe book- layout or actual food ideas ( never know you may see it in September along with a little mention in the thanks section!) ;)


  1. I like to see lots of gorgeous photos - so I know what I am aiming for when I try out new recipe.

  2. Step by step photos are a great addition. Just gives you that extra little hand!

  3. I also love to see photos of the finished recipe.
    I also like it it when you are given a choice to save calories on a recipe , every little helps :-)

  4. Deffo photos so I know what it *should* look like!

  5. Agree with everyone about photos of the finished dish, also suggestions about what to serve it with, and any variations/substitions that work well. Also PLEASE give the heat for fan assisted ovens as I burn literally everything!

    Can't wait for your book and would love this as the day after I watched the episode where they were using their sourdough culture, I was given a Herman The German sourdough cake mixture to nurture! Spooky!

  6. Suggestions of what to serve and step by step photos!

    I love their show :)

  7. Agree with Debbie H, temps/times for fan assisted ovens would be sooooo handy. Also alternatives such as healthier ones, veggie alternatives, etc

  8. When it's little cakes or other multiples of small things it's really helpful to know how many the recipe makes. Lots of recipes seem to miss this out- it's frustrating as it can mess up cooking times.

    Pictures of finished items is always good. I tend to only make things in my books if there is a picture.

    Suggestions for variations on recipes. Like a quite plain biscuit, cookie or biscuit with details on how to customise. This is great if you have picky eaters and can make up one dough/batter and then split it. Keeps everyone smiling.

    A good index- essential in any book.

    Ingredients lists- not just mentioned within the recipe

    I have a cook book which has a little place on each page for notes. Just a little 2x4 inch box with lines attractively designed- great to make notes of temperature adjustments or whatever specific to my kitchen. I know some people would faint from the very idea of writing in a book- but i love it. It makes the book mine and it's a bit of social history to hand on to the next generation.

    Best of luck with the book. Can't wait to see it!

  9. Hiya,
    these guys are just great love the rusticness about them both on presentation x
    for me i love savouries rather than sweet so would enjoy a bigger savoury section also it would make life easier if the pages had tabs on the edge for each section bit like an address book if you know what i mean - makes it easier to get to when you in a rush or got floury fingers!
    good luck with your book you will do well i'm sure tried many of your recipes and they all have come out perfick so far!
    yay for you x
    Suzie Qx

  10. As well as pictures of finished dish, I like to have hints for a serving suggestion. Oh and some space at the bottom of the page for some notes (say if my cooker timings were slightly different to the book timings...)

  11. definitly more vegetarian alternatives and serving suggestions
    and definitly at least 1 picture of the finished food!
    i have so many cookbooks that just keep you guessing at what its supposed to look like


  12. I find a conversion chart really helpful.
    Also a bit of background to the recipe - when you served it, e.g. for a special occasion & your memories of that occasion, really bring the recipe and the meal to life & also bring your personality to the reader.

  13. I love you receipes and step by step photos as well as the gorgeous pics of the end result. I am positive that your book is going to be a HIT!

    When Im flicking through receipe books I'd love to see suggestions of what to serve dishes with or variations to try as I have a very picky eater. I'd also love the book to have tabbed pages (like an address book) so you can find what you need easily.

    Keep up the great work.



  14. Cakes:Conversion of how to size up/down into different size of tin- circle to square to loaf etc.

  15. An out takes page showing how it can go wrong even for the best cooks!

  16. I would like to see tried & tested recipes that all the family will enjoy with step by step photos :)

  17. Hi Debbie :)
    I love beautiful styling, but I like the idea of having seasonal recipes or recipes for seasonal occasions and times of year. e.g...easter recipes, things for bonfire night etc. xx

  18. I love all the suggestions above and I too would love to see step by step photos. I would also like to see the correct photo for the recipe printed, so many of my recipe books have a photo of a completely different item next to a recipe for something else, I never understand that LOL

  19. I love those guys, so the chance to win a book would be fab.

    My favourite recipe books are the type with little stories in between, like how the recipe was inspired etc. and of course lots of photographs. It makes it more personal and homely.

    Thanks for the chance to win,

    Colette x.


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