Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hilton, Sushi and Chocolate!

When I was at the dizzy heights of my competition wins I seemed to rack up a few wins a week! Now its come time to use some of them!

An overnight stay at the Hilton hotel inc bed and breakfast - won!
A day making chocolate truffles - won!
Sushi eating at Yo Sushi - because its against the law to go to Newcastle and not visit Fenwicks for teriyaki chicken!

Me and my little sis had a fabulous time, pjs at 5pm and room service on the Friday night - heck, we werent leaving that room and view for anything! As the sky darkened, the light all came on, and to watch the Millenium bridge switch from pink to blue to yellow and everything in between was just perfect! We tucked into Linguini with King Prawns, Hot chocolate fudge cake, Baileys and crackers with cheese :) This was the view from the bed - ok so i had to move the table etc but we slept with the curtains open just so we could see the lights all night! Yes we did wake up middle of the night and go to the window - heaven help us if there was anyone out there with binoculars - it would have been enough to scare the drunk sober!
Follow this with a trip into Newcastle and heading straight to Yo Sushi for our ritual meal out, conveyor belt style! We had our usual favourites and then tried some of the newer menu additions - Soft shell crab and battered squid to name a couple.... verdict - crab was too fishy and a little too well cooked and crunchy (plus it just didnt seem right having a whole little crab sitting there! Im a visual eater so this just didnt appeal straight away and i really felt sorry for him!) lol Battered squid was delicious, a little chewy but delicious!At 2pm we headed back to the Hilton and had our chocolate making workshop, it was good - truffles arent exactly rocket science so it was more fun than anything else! Getting covered in chocolate and messing around is always fun! lol 30 truffles later and some good quality chocolate bought ready for my additions to the book we were ready to make the journey home.A good day in all and well spent time with my little sis - thank you hun xx


  1. Ooooohhhhh! What a wonderful experience! The sights, the food, the company. *happy*

  2. Wow! Looks like a great trip. I to would have slept with the curtains open though I would have probably got up in the middle of the night to close them. I'm always scared of flying vampires peering into windows for victims. Crazy I know.

    Madison xxx

  3. WOW! Lucky you!
    The view and the choccy truffles look wonderful!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. looks like you had a lovely time


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