Thursday, 10 January 2013

Some new year goodies!

OK, everyone loves new year as its a time of sales and although the shops seem to drag out all the stock they can never shift, there are some gems in amongst the tat! 

I managed to pick up these shoes in Primark for £3 a pair - 
 - they are so comfy and work well with skinny jeans (i love saying that - skinny jeans - as though wearing them means im skinny too!!) lol 

So far this year im doing well on the skin care/hair care routine and im amazed at how much my hair grew in 2012!  I love long hair but never have the patience to grow it, however this last year has passed in a blur and unintentionally i seem to have done it!! lol 
 Picture taken on hubbys birthday (8th) as we were going out for lunch...well you have to make an effort now and again dont you! ;)

Things im loving at the minute....

my new makeup and skin care/hair care storage...(ok girly stuff!)
 Starbucks Spiced Vanilla Lattes....(not as nice as gingerbread lattes though!)
 and finally....I love my gratitute jar which im filling up over the coming year with all the little bits that make me happy each day.  This picture was taken on the 1st of Jan so I will update as we go each month with how happy ive been! lol
Whats making you happy in 2013??

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