Monday, 21 January 2013

January round up....

Blogger is being a nightmare with the iPad and wont let me even write a post let alone add photographs etc :(  Im gutted as my poor little neglected blog is desperately needing updating more often but i just cant do it!   
Does anyone know if there is a magic button to press on the iPad to get it to work with blogger??? here is a mile a minute as usual, only slowed slightly by the snow!  The boys are of course loving it and throwing snowballs, making snow angels and generally messing around in it at every opportunity!

 Me, im more the indoorsy type!  Give me a good book, some competitions to enter, nails to paint etc im a happy bunny.  I skipped entering the competitions over Christmas and New Year but once the latest Compers News hit the mat i was back at it with a vengence - its been a while since i won anything and im feeling optomisitic for the coming year!
Talking of competitions, have you seen some of the prize bundle ive put together over on the Gifts From Your Kitchen facebook page?  I set a little challenge until the end of January to upload your pictures of the Hidden Surprise Oreo Cupcakes - you would win a whole bundle of kitchen goodies, well worth a go!!
Yesterday was a major snow day so i decided to adapt a couple of the recipes from my book...I switched around the Macadamia and Apricot Biscotti (page 12) and created Chocolate, Hazelnut and Cherry Biscotti! 
Salted caramel and walnut cupcakes and vanilla with raspberry coulis cupcakes were also on the list but im on a major diet so cant even have one!  I swear i keep hearing them call my name though.....honest!!
Next month is the Creative HeART & Soul February retreat and i am so excited!!  Its the only times during the year that i get to play with paper and goodies again.....look at what im busy making for the girls at the minute...i promise to share more pictures when i return but dont want to spoil the surprise so will save it for later ;)
 If youre still reading, thanks for sticking with me and I hope I havent lost too many of you due to updating issues - i promise to work something out as I really do miss blogging!!



  1. Download Chrome as your browser and do it via Internet. I can't get the blogger app to work with the iPad but Chrome does work.

  2. Hiya Debbie, Last time i saw you i said i would email you..Did that no reply as yet.Hope you and all the family are well...
    Looking at your new goodies it is coffee and cake at yours.
    They all look fantastic, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.
    Hope to catch up soon,
    Nelle xxx

  3. I gave up on the iPad and Blogger. Best of luck on getting it to work!
    Your baked goodies look fantastic and I hope you have a great time at retreat!!!

  4. Your cakes look delicious - very strong willed of you to bake lovely goodies and then not eat them!


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