Friday, 25 April 2014

Best Friends and a winning streak!

I think by now everyone knows how inseperable Crunchie and Evie are! 

Crunchie fell asleep on the windowsill and Evie spent ages looking at him, willing him to wake up for a cuddle! 

 He woke, had a cuddle and a tickle under the chin....and fell back asleep. 

One happy kitty and one happy girly! 

Another reason shes happy this week is she seems to be on a bit of a winning streak! 

When i enter competitions i only enter ones that we would really like, not like when i first started and entered everything in sight! 

Now we work out who things would be for, do we really need it (space is very limited here!) and will it get used? 

Facebook, Twitter and blogs have been going mad with Easter competitions lately - giveaways for everything from a Lindt bunny to cars and everything in between. 

We have entered some fabulous competitions and have received 3 emails this past week that have made little lady so happy! 

1. From Activity Toys Direct where we won a sand and water table for the garden - we really need to work on the garden this year so this will be fabulous for the kids to play with while we are all outside. 

It was delivered and built up within a matter of minutes as little miss wanted it straight away! lol 

Needless to say it required a special dress to wear too - such a diva!! lol 

2. Green Toys emailed and let us know we had won £50 worth of vouchers to spend on their recycled plastic toys (this was the day after we won the sand and water table so was a perfect fit!!) Evie chose a pink dumper truck, pink car, some stacking water cups (for Amelia!) and a tug boat. 
Again more to play with outside so hoping for a nice summer this year! 

3. Kelloggs let us know we had won a case of cereal! Anyone who has children knows how much cereal kids can get through - yes and its never just for breakfast! 

One case of Coco Pops then it is please :) Very happy children!! 

Ooh and i dont think i told you that i won a fabulous buggy and car seat at the beginning of the year! 

I have been a member of Pushchair Trader for around 3 years now and never won anything but in January got an email letting me know i had won first prize of a Quinney Moodd pushchair and Pebble carseat - worth a total of £765! 
This is exactly what i received but in black :) 

Baby number 6 just got some special treatment as we have always used hand me down pushchairs from family members (..we even had my sisters pushchair here and had to take it back through!) lol 

I know we are blessed!

We are truly greatful for all the luck we have and hopefully it will continue for a little while yet! :) 



  1. Oooh can I come for breakfast I love cocoa pops - yes I am a granny who loves cocoa pops! When my boys were teenagers they had breakfast anytime of day and night, I wouldn't mind but they were always well fed at meal times!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. You are so lucky Debbie. Such fab prizes. Its fantastic all the products you get to review too. Evie must be so excited when the prizes come through.

  3. well done on your brilliant wins and your cat is gorgeous x

  4. that's a lovely pushchair, I used to have a real thing for pushchairs when mine were little


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